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The Triumph Of The Waif

The cramp does not do Jenna in, however, because two hours into the game, they're all still there. Jeff notes that it is 108 degrees out. Jenna goes to shift her foot, and as she tries to slide it forward so that her heel instead of the ball of her foot is on the post, it momentarily pops about a half-inch off the post. Jeff catches her, and throws her out. You know, he's right, she did lift her foot. My problem with it, though, is that it's so extraordinarily minor that I'm not confident that everybody might not have done something similar at one point or another. It just seems like it would be purely fortuitous that Jeff would see it, you know? It's not unfair, but I can see how she thinks it sucks. I will also tell you that although I think this show doesn't set out to screw with the outcomes, I have absolutely zero doubt that they did not hope Jenna won this challenge. They wanted, I am certain, the Rob/Amber F2, not to mention the drama of one of them having to choose whether or not to take the other. So while I'm not suggesting that Jenna was intentionally hosed, I do suspect that she might have been watched a little more closely than the other two, because Jeff's not even going to see that unless he is sort of fixating on Jenna's foot at the moment it happens. Not a conspiracy theory, and not unfair, like I said, but I feel bad for her.

So...this is interesting. Boston Rob and Amber are the final two in the final challenge. In theory, either could give it to the other, right? Right? That should happen. One of them should just step down. No point in wearing yourself out. But...he doesn't. And...she doesn't. She tries to argue that he should give it to her, because he's had immunity a million times. Which...just, no, dear. Especially since you had it last. For a minute, Rob looks like he might give her immunity, but then they go back to talking about "I'm going to take you no matter what," and while they both say it...nobody quits. "Let's fight it out all the way," Rob finally says. "Damn you," Amber chuckles. Jeff tries to get to the bottom of why they're not able to reach a deal, and Rob says that throughout the entire game, they've given their all in every situation, and it doesn't seem right to stop at this point. He tells Jeff that they've never talked about what they'd do in this circumstance, and Amber warily protests that in fact, they did, although he might not remember it. Rob continues to have no recollection of this. He finally ends the conversation by saying that he's sure she wouldn't want him to hand it to her -- "You'd want to beat me," he smiles. "I just want to win, honestly," she says. "Well, you're gonna have to beat me, then," he says, and smiles at her mischievously.

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