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The Triumph Of The Waif

Three hours in, the dramatic sun glare is worse than ever. Rob crouches down to change his position a little, and he says, "This is nice." Amber says she thought about doing that, but she doesn't think she can reach the idol. "You can reach," he assures her. As she goes to demonstrate that she can indeed reach, she -- you got it -- touches the idol with her other hand. I don't know that Rob specifically knew she was going to lose in that particular way, but I certainly believe that he was trying to throw off her concentration, knowing that any time you can get somebody to change her position or do anything or respond to anything you're saying, you have a chance that she'll screw up. These endurance challenges are often about concentration as much as endurance, so I give Rob full credit for taking her out of the Zen state in which you have to remain during one of those things. So it's Mariano with immunity going into the final tribal council, and he'll be picking the other person for F2. Amber and Jenna both give him hugs, and I think Jenna knows she was gambling on that challenge, and without that win, it ain't happening.

Back at camp, Rob swims as Jenna talks to Amber about how much she regrets blowing the challenge after taking the big gamble at yesterday's tribal council. "I lifted my damn foot," she laments. She interviews that she blew a million dollars, because had she gone to the end with Boston Rob, she would have won. I'm not sure whether that's true, but she certainly believes it. "It all comes down to me lifting my foot up," she says with frustration. "My daughters are going to be very proud," she adds sarcastically. Well, Jenna, I'd like to think your daughters aren't going to judge you on the basis of whether you moved your foot, you being their mother and everything. Hopefully, they do have a little more to go on. If my mother lost a million dollars by moving her foot, I wouldn't be any less proud of her. I would make fun of her for the rest of her life, but I wouldn't be less proud of her. Jenna goes on to say that Boston Rob will bring Amber to F2, which she claims might not be the best move, but...she just said she herself would beat Rob in an F2, so I'm not sure how that works. "He's giving his girlfriend a million dollars," she laughs. "Pretty good boyfriend."

As Rob and Amber walk, she makes it clear that she doesn't really feel sure that he's going to take her to F2. "Are you serious?" he asks. "It's not that I don't believe you," she says, even though it's exactly that she doesn't believe him. She insists that in her position, he would also be nervous. He tells her not to worry; he's taking her. No matter what. It's fine. She interviews that she's "ninety-nine percent sure" that this is true, but that she has seen him break his word after all. "Clean up the attitude, will ya?" he says as they part. Oh, don't talk like that just because your feelings are hurt, Rob. "Clean up the attitude" is for the JV wrestling coach to use on some snot-nosed ninth-grader. Not appropriate girlfriend talk. A nest of spiders squirms as we cut to Rob sitting by himself on a beach. He interviews that it has occurred to him here at the end that his way of playing the game may or may not ultimately pay off. He's not sure he's making good decisions, not sure he's using sound judgment...and he knows Amber rode her alliance with him the entire way. Which, as I've said before, really isn't possible in this game. Rob would be nowhere without Amber, either -- but it's true that because of his personality, she was able to go through largely without offending anyone, and it would be a legitimate decision at this point not to take her on that basis. Although, as he acknowledges next, if he doesn't take her, he's going to look even worse -- "like a complete ass" -- for dumping his girlfriend. Rob then reaches the crux of the matter: "I don't know if I can or cannot win against either one of them." There you go, buddy. There's your problem. He says he's still thinking, and that he's going to make the decision he thinks is best for him, not the one that's based on an alliance or on "morals." "What would you do for a million dollars?" he asks rhetorically. I'm sure the guys in editing are really grateful that he actually gave them that line to go out on.

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