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The Triumph Of The Waif

Final tribal council. (Well, the final one with an elimination.) Jeff brings in the jury. He recalls with the F3 their final day on the island. He asks Jenna what happened in the challenge. She's all, "You tell me, dude, you're the one who said my foot moved." Heh. Jeff agrees that it was "very subtle." Yeah, I'll say. He asks her if that was frustrating, and she says yes, in that she'd rather it had come down to her at least falling off or doing something like that, rather than shifting her foot in a way she didn't even realize she was doing. She's pretty good-natured about it, though, all things considered.

Jeff asks about the curious fact that when it was just the two of them, Rob and Amber weren't able to reach a deal. He asks whether there's a trust issue. Amber says that obviously, she would rather go into the final round knowing that she's in control. Rob says that of course, he also wondered whether there was a chance Amber might turn on him. Jeff reminds Rob that he now faces a big decision: it's time to decide whom he wants to face in the final two. Rob says openly that he doesn't know that he has a chance at winning against either of them. Jeff asks Jenna how surprised she'll be if she goes to F2. She says it would be "the biggest shock of [her] life." But she really believes Rob and Amber are "airtight." She says, showing great mastery of the obvious, that "it's a lot [sic] romantic as it is strategic." She adds that she thinks Rob is pretty nervous about facing Amber in a final two situation. Jeff asks Amber how she feels about that, and she diplomatically/blandly replies that she thinks Rob has thought through all of the decisions up to this point, and that he'll likely think through this one as well. She insists, though, that if it were her, "there is no decision to be made." Jeff asks whether this means she can separate personal and game stuff, and she says she can. I don't see how it really would mean that, but Amber gamely agrees, because gamely agreeing is what Amber does. Jeff asks Rob if he can keep those separate, and he insists that he can, too.

Time for Rob to go vote. And vote he does. Jeff goes to "get the vote." I guess when there's only one, he no longer claims the need to tally. He opens the vat, and obviously, the person voted out is Miss Jenna. She grins, hugs Amber, and turns around and hugs Rob. She keeps up her game face as she goes up and gets snuffed, and Rob and Amber both throw her a wave as she goes. Jeff congratulates Rob and Amber on reaching the final. In her final words, Jenna says she's proud of how she did and how far she came, but that she's "going to relive that stupid foot move for the rest of [her] life." Hee. I will tell you this about Miss Jenna: Wanted. To. Win. And I give her credit for that.

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