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The Triumph Of The Waif

Jenna and Amber go on a water run, and Jenna voices over that she's concerned about the possibility of a tiebreaker. She says that, in the event of a tie, the three people without immunity would all choose rocks out of a bag, and whoever got the loser rock would be booted. "I don't want it to come down to a fricking rock," she says to Amber as they walk in the jungle. Amber interviews that she and Rob knew that the tiebreaker was staring them down, so they "gave [Jenna] the option" of booting Rupert and getting to F3 with them. Jenna tells Amber that going along with this would "get [her] one step closer," which I think is the right call. There have been numerous attempts to figure the probabilities that were confronting Jenna at this point, but ultimately, this gets her into the endurance challenge she knows is coming, and if you're not willing to gamble on your ability to win the endurance challenge, then you don't have the stones for this game in the first place. So I think that's the choice -- to bet on yourself or not. "I'm taking fate in my own hands," she says.

When Jenna and Amber return to camp with water, they find that Rupert and Rob have made pancakes. Jenna claims that she's been craving a pancake, and although I'm sure she has, the whole "I am rapturous over real food" thing just is not that convincing when these people have been given enormous catered meals seemingly every couple of days for the last couple of weeks. And really, I don't want pancake eating to be quite this rife with ecstatic moaning anyway, however heartfelt. Rupert points out that this breakfast is someone's last supper. "Somebody is leaving tonight," he says. "Boy, I hope it's not me." That's okay, Rupert. If it is you, CBS will probably just find another way to hand you a million dollars for doing absolutely nothing of note, being the pandering and gutless suck-ups that they are. I'm just guessing, of course.

We cut to the misty aerial shot that denotes an upcoming challenge, and we eventually land at a giant maze constructed in a clearing. The final four approach the maze, where Jeff takes the immunity necklace back from Rob. Jeff explains that they will all start out in the center of the maze, and they'll each have to make their way out to eight points on the outside of the maze, where they'll retrieve a rung for their ladder, located in the center. The first person to get to all the endpoints, retrieve all his or her rungs, get back to the center, and build the ladder will win immunity. There are also obstacles in certain parts of the maze, like tangles of rope to wade through, or cage-like arrangements of branches to crawl around. I want there to be a bear one of these times. Just tell them there are rope courses and stuff, then when they go down one of the legs of the maze, release a giant black bear. One that hasn't eaten in thirty-nine days. It would be ironic, get it?

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