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The Triumph Of The Waif

A metaphorical snake crawls across a rock, and we watch Rob ask Jenna how things are going to go, and whether she's made up her mind. She says she hasn't. Rob tells her that he understands that he's obviously biased in telling her what to do, but she has to admit that she can't beat Rupert in the final two, so she might as well get rid of him now. I think Rob's facial hair reaches maximum smarmitude in this scene, by the way -- you can almost hear the buzzers going off and see the red light flashing just off-screen as he sets off the detectors. Jenna responds that if that's the case, then it might be just as good for her to gamble on the rock in the hopes that it would get Rob out -- I think she means that getting rid of Rob would give her a better shot at the ultimate immunity, in which case she could choose to take Amber instead of Rupert and control the F2 herself. Rob tries to convince her that none of them has a chance of beating Rupert in an F2 situation, so they might as well boot him. She isn't so sure. She interviews that she doesn't want to let Rob push her around, but that there's some truth in what he says, and she expresses the opinion that if she could get to F3 and win the final challenge, she'd win, because she believes she could beat either Rob or Amber. See? Jenna understands what a bunch of babies are on the jury, because she knows they don't like her that much, but she also knows that they'll never forgive Rob for kicking their asses.

Rob and Amber go for a walk on the beach, and she admonishes him not to be sad. Easy for her to say. He tells her, as we are treated to a close-up of their clasped hands, that he can't control the situation anymore, so he's just going to relax and not worry about it. Or, rather, he's going to try to do that. And it's working like a charm, because he's practically twitching with relaxation. They sit on a rock together, and he tells her that if he goes tonight, she'd better win. Heh. She tells him no, she wants him to be there at the end as well. "I'm a little bit scared," he tells her. "A little bit." They caption this last part, in case you missed it, because apparently, Rob admitting fear is considered a plot point so significant that it can't be allowed to pass you by.

As Jenna and Rupert enjoy a hearty snack, Rupert says to Jenna, "Thank you for saving me." She can't stand all the earnestness, though, and tells him that frankly, it's all still up in the air. Rupert interviews that he doesn't see Jenna voting against him, and he doesn't want to vote against Jenna. Of course, that's not an option that's been presented, so that's awfully easy for him to say. "She's just a little paranoid, you gotta let her alone," he says dismissively. "She's just a young girl," he says. So...yeah, that was the point I was making previously. He's proven himself repeatedly to be a condescending, sexist jackass either way, whether you give him the benefit of the doubt on "single mama" in particular or not. Anyway, he says that he believes Jenna will write Rob's name down when it comes right down to it. Jenna explains to Rupert back at camp that she started the game with the intention of not allowing her emotions to get in the way of her strategy, and wonders if he was the same. He tells her that his emotions control everything he does, and that he can't help it, because that's just who he is. I want to play poker with Rupert. His emotions will make him go, "RRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHR!" when he gets a good hand. I think I could beat him.

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