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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

In a random confessional, Neleh tells us that Kathy and Vecepia made a pact, but that she wants the million dollars "more than anything out here," which kind of defies her whole "I'm so sweet and innocent and here just to brighten everyone's days" typical shtick. She insists that she's not "going down" without giving it her best shot.

Three mutant flowers stand before Just Peachy, except they're not mutant flowers...they're the S3! The flowers on Neleh's head are about three inches high, and I was hoping she'd continue wearing the ridiculous crown during the challenge since it would surely tip her over. Peachy explains that they're about to begin their final immunity challenge, and that it's an endurance test, as usual. Except he acts like the challenge is a revelation, and not the same thing they've done every season so far. He instructs them each to take a position around the immunity idol, which stands atop a high tiki. Hee. A high tiki. Maybe if the tikis did get high, they'd stop making such ridiculously serious faces. The S3 will each step up onto two logs, with one foot on each. They will then put one hand on the idol. Peachy explains that these are the critical "three points of contact," and that if, at any time, these are broken, a contestant will be eliminated. Their feet and one hand must remain touching the prescribed points of contact at all times, and they can't use their other hands for balance against the tiki or log. Peachy reiterates that the last one standing wins immunity, is guaranteed a spot in the final two, and gets to decide who sits beside her in the final vote.

As Peachy retrieves the immunity necklace from Vecepia, he snarks, "Boy! You even smell good. That's a first!" Vecepia laughs, but clearly doesn't think it's funny. Or else she's mentally chiding herself for forgetting to pray for deodorant. Peachy's "sorry to be the bearer of bad news" in revealing that she usually stinks.

The three assume their places on the logs, and from the very beginning Neleh owns this challenge. Vecepia is wobbly from the start, and Kathy looks like her back might be bothering her. Meanwhile, Neleh is just hanging out. She's got a lot of practice, because what else is there to do in Utah? Just kidding, people. I'm from New Jersey, so whatever I say should be taken very lightly. Peachy points out that "it should be a nice hot day, too," and Kathy snits that she knew Jeff would be there "bugging [them]" throughout the challenge. Hee. Peachy defends himself by claiming to be attending to the necessary task of "setting the stage." A montage of the serious-looking S3 is followed by a shot of waves right next to where they're positioned, and then Peachy is pleased to inform them that they've just reached an hour and a half, and to remind them that the day started at 3 AM. Neleh cheers. Vecepia and Kathy are sweaty and tired-looking, but Neleh is just thinking about all the crayons and kittens a million dollars can buy. Obviously answering a question from Peachy, Neleh says she has to win the challenge, because otherwise she's out of the game. Peachy asks whether she thinks the deal between Kathy and Vecepia will "hold strong," and Neleh says she thinks it will. Peachy then asks Vecepia whether -- if Neleh goes down first -- she and Kathy will just "end this" because of their deal. Vecepia says, "Yeah!" like there's no question to it. Neleh then smugly reveals that she's already selected who she'll take to the final two if she wins the challenge. Kathy says, "Aaah, yea, I think I got that one down," while Neleh grins. Peachy points out that Kathy, too, feels vulnerable, and she answers that Neleh's mad at her. Neleh immediately starts screaming that she's not mad at Kathy, and why should she be? She swears on her life that she's not angry, and says that they've come very far together and love each other; she insists that it's just a game.

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