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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

Peachy wants to know if they're okay to go ahead with Tribal Council, and of course Neleh is because she's got immunity. Peachy says it's been a long day of highs and lows. He explains that the challenge was about will power -- they all wanted the victory and hung on for a long time. He then asks Kathy what happened. She explains that she lost her concentration when she looked down to "correct her shirt," and then just fell off. She says it was "[her] own fault," and claims that it's "not a big deal." She doesn't bring Neleh into it, I think, because she's probably hopeful that Neleh might still bring her into the final two, and finger-pointing won't help her cause. She says she was tired and only had another hour in her, anyway. Neleh jumps in claiming that it was a "totally innocent" accident. She says, "I just did not want her self [sic] exposed," and claims she wasn't trying to "lure her off," or anything. Peachy points out that as soon as Kathy fell off the stump, Vecepia jumped in with the deal. Kathy responds that she was disappointed because she thought they "had a little thing goin' on," but points out that what goes around comes around. She says she'd made a deal the prior day, and that now it was Vecepia's turn to do the dealing. Vecepia always seems to end up on the sweet end of the deal, though. Kathy adds that it seems like such turnabouts are always happening in this game. Again, she's disappointed, but she can't do anything about it.

Peachy asks Vecepia what her obligation to Kathy was at that point in the game, and Vecepia begins, "To be honest..." but then isn't honest at all. She says she doesn't recall any part of the deal being about "carry[ing]" Kathy, which prompts Kathy to grunt in disbelief. Vecepia claims that after Kathy fell, she wrestled with what their agreement was about, but it couldn't have been a very long wrestling match since Kathy's logs weren't yet cold when Vecepia put the offer out there. Kathy insists that she thought their agreement covered the incident, but Vecepia just says that she could have stayed up there longer, and that the best thing she could do at that point was "end this charade" and cut a deal with Neleh.

Peachy asks whether Neleh was going to outlast Vecepia, and Neleh whines that she's "been on the chopping board for two days now," and wasn't going to go down without a fight. She says she knew all day long that she had to win the challenge, and she wasn't going to give up. When Vecepia made the offer, she had no doubts about taking it.

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