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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

In the usual credits spot, Kathy is amazed that Americans can actually work together. She says that they all played with honesty and integrity, even though it might have gotten a little shaky sometimes. She is leaving the game with the important part -- the relationships -- and she loved playing the game. And she'll never wear a bra again. The freedom!

We're back at camp for the last time, and I'm more excited than Neleh and Vecepia are. Bring on the new, non-Bible-banging S16 of Season Five! Little fish swim, and a non-scuttling submerged crab crabs at them. Neleh can't believe how long they've been playing the game. In a confessional, she tells us that when Vecepia propositioned her, it wasn't a big deal, because she knew she was bringing Vecepia along anyway. She says she wasn't part of whatever deal Kathy and Vecepia made, and that she feels good about her decision. Back at camp, Neleh exclaims "Oh my heck!" for what I hope is the last time ever. Now it's Vecepia's turn to tell us that she "offered" immunity to Neleh for several reasons, one of which was that Neleh was going to win it anyway. Actually, Vecepia doesn't say that, but I'm pretty sure it's true. Vecepia says she took the risk because when Kathy slipped, she knew that she and Neleh would be battling for a long time. She assumed she'd make it to the final two with Kathy, which was okay because she knew Kathy had "some situations" with people in her former tribe. Still, Vecepia also knows that some people on the jury felt that Neleh wasn't deserving. Vecepia says that looking at both scenarios, she knew her best shot was to be in final two with Neleh. ["That is definitely true; it's also the reason Neleh knew before Kathy stumbled that she wanted to be in the final two with Vecepia: neither of them had the tiniest chance against Kathy." -- Wing Chun] Vecepia justifies her decision by claiming that in every game, there's a move that you don't want to have to make, but you must in order to maintain the upper hand. She thinks that's okay because she asked the Lord for his forgiveness. She explains that, "being a Christian, we have that ability to go to our Father and say, 'Lord, this is what I did, I know you saw this, please forgive me.'" And for those of you who think I've been too harsh on Vecepia for her religious beliefs, take that! She then points out that she also apologizes to "her brother[s]" when she betrays them, but of course(as she laughingly points out), after the fact. Nice!

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