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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

They walk; they walk.

Sean says that just by being African-American and talking about race, it's assumed he's playing the "race card." He's wearing a bright blue shirt and a bright blue headband, and he's quite the snazzy dresser, isn't he? Sean insists that he's not playing the game by "[his] preference for race," which is a kind of funny thing to say, since it clearly suggests he does have a racial preference. Sean says he's a competitor and thinks the best person should win. He points out that Vecepia has switched up alliances on him in the past, and if he feels like she's being dishonest or that her integrity is questionable, than Neleh might get his vote, but we all know that's not going to happen.

They're walking; they're walking.

Tammy feels powerful; she didn't realize she'd feel that way until she became a member of the jury and was forced to accept that she was out of the game. She doesn't want either finalist to have a million dollars, and she's wrestling now with the huge decision of figuring out which woman played the game best, as well as "which one screwed [her] over less in the game."

They walk; they walk.

John's quote is priceless. He tells us he doesn't know what to do: "You got these Bible thumpers up there and, you know, just banging the end of the Book of Mormon or banging their Bibles and lyin' out of the sides of their mouths." He says he's searching within himself now to figure out to "which one of these creeps" he wants to give a million dollars. Hee. He says he wants to wipe the slate clean and base his decision entirely on their responses at the night's Tribal Council. Whoever answers honestly and shows appropriate repentance will get his vote. He points out that Vecepia and Neleh have power now, and he wants to know what they're going to do with it.

Now we're live with Rosie, and so are Tina Wesson and Ethan Zohn. Rosie wants to know who they think will win, and Ethan yells "Neleh!" at the same time Tina yells "Vecepia!" And thankfully, that's the last we have to see of Tina because we go back to the show.

Tribal the Jabba Council Hutt. The S2 arrive and sit down; then the jury comes in, and Paschal's there, too. Peachy explains that it's now a full jury -- with both Kathy, the most recent member, and Paschal, who was unable to make it last time due to his fainting spell. Peachy informs the S2 that Paschal has been "fully informed" of what happened during the missed Council, and he's ready to cast his vote for Neleh.

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