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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

Peachy asks Vecepia and Neleh what they did with themselves on their last day in the Marquesas. Neleh says that she slept in as long as she could because she knew it would be a long day. She couldn't really sleep, but she's been thinking about the last thirty-nine days and all of her encounters with the S16. She says she got a spurt of sudden energy, and started burning things. Zoe is giggling over this, and clearly she loves Neleh. Neleh concludes by calling it a "nice day." Vecepia, for some reason, doesn't answer the question.

Peachy points out again that the S2 have come as far as they can, but that the power is now with the jury. He snits that their history is about to be "evaluated, and ultimately judged" by the others, and their behavior and responses during tonight's Tribal Council will influence the vote. He says they'll begin with opening statements from Neleh and Vecepia -- he explains that this is a chance for them to plead their cases. Next, the jury will address the S2 with a question or comment. Finally, the S2 will each make a "closing statement," during which they can address anything that came up during the question-and-answer period. He feels the need to tell them again that their answers are important.

Neleh begins, and says she wants to tell the jury that she's had an amazing time out there. If she wants to, then why doesn't she? I hate it when people preface sentences with "I want to." The cameras keep showing a totally enamored Zoe during this -- she's completely charmed by Neleh, and who knew she'd fall for such crap? Neleh brown-noses that when the game began, she didn't think she had a chance, because she was up against such competitors and "strong-willed people." She acknowledges that the others pulled her through difficult situations, and claims that even though she wasn't the strongest person out there, both spiritually and mentally, she tried to provide "upliftment" for them. Again, she "wants" them to know that everything she did for them was out of the love of her heart. Would backstabbing qualify? She insists that she's given 100%, and that she loves them unconditionally. Just like God does. No matter what their votes are, her love from them, she says, is "sincerely from the bottom of my heart," and if she's not speaking the truth, "cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye."

It's been a wonderful ride for Vecepia, who then proves that she's certifiable by talking about a "vision was brought to [her] about four months ago" with regard to her role on Survivor. She says that -- just like the scriptures say -- she wrote down the vision, and drew her plan on tablets. So now she thinks she's Moses? Vecepia says that she kept the tablets before her every day, and that when she got to the Marquesas, she had three-part plan: to have a strategy and see through it to its completion; to get to know and value each of the other S16; and to prove herself with her work ethic, spirituality and "gumption" without riding on coattails. She feels like she contributed to everything, and that even though they might perceive her as deceptive, she insists that she's been a friend to each of them. She asks them to remember that; then she says that she puts her faith in God that they will look at the situation objectively, so in other words, if they don't vote for her, they're acting against God's will. Still, she wants Him to bless them all.

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