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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

Peachy tells the jury to take a moment to think about Neleh and Vecepia's comments: do they want a superior half-wit to win, or an insanely religious zealot? Pause.

The soundtrack chants and screams, and in the future, production can save lots of money by just recycling Kathy's tribal-sounding shrieking. It's now the jury's turn, and Peachy states again that it's important. It's important, Goddammit!

Tammy is first, but she probably should have been last, because her speech is the most vitriolic. She says she's always been upfront about the way she planned to play the game: she always admitted that she planned to lie, cheat, and do "whatever it took" to win. At some point during the game, however, her strategy changed and she started feeling bad about the way she was playing, because of Neleh and Vecepia. I'm sure they both thought she was going to say she changed her approach because she'd seen the light through their thoughtful and generous ways. Instead she cites their "holier-than-thou attitudes" as to not lying and cheating and, rather, playing with morals and integrity. She calls them hypocrites and "the biggest liars on the island." She claims that while they were busy condemning the Rotus for their deceptive and manipulative ways, Neleh and Vecepia were doing the same thing, but "under the guise of Christianity." Harsh! But true. Tammy says that Vecepia flip-flopped so much in the game that she probably didn't even know which side she was on, but she always made herself feel better because after she lied, she asked for forgiveness. Tammy then turns on Neleh, and says that she started the game out as a self-respecting twenty-one-year-old Mormon women, but that changed when she got greedy. She says that Neleh claimed only to care about having a place on the jury, but then lied and stabbed her alliance in the back before voting them off. Tammy (obviously) doesn't think either of them deserves the million. She thinks Kathy does, and she makes a point of observing that Kathy was voted off right after Vecepia stabbed Kathy in the back. Still, Tammy knows it's the nature of the game, and that they beat her at it by lying, manipulating, and deceiving better. She snidely congratulates them both and returns to her seat. Neleh looks kind of stunned and sad while Vecepia looks smug because God will surely smite Tammy for those wicked words.

Sean (and his poofy hair) laughs as he takes his place before the S2. He congratulates them and says he didn't "come up here to player-hate on either one of y'all." He says that Neleh and Vecepia both deserve to be there, because they outplayed and outwitted the others. He then says that it's hard, because religion is an easy target, and he doesn't like that because people get "funny" about religion and "you don't want to throw it in people's faces." Speak it, brother. About the not throwing it in people's faces part, even though both Neleh and Vecepia (and Sean for that matter) did it, so I'm not sure what he's talking about. Sean asks if the S2 gained any sort of moral message from playing the game. Neleh says that there were times while playing Survivor that she wanted to follow her heart, but because of a strong alliance she'd made, couldn't. She says she'll follow her heart from now on, because of course her pure, wonderful, sweet heart always knows best. Vecepia agrees. She's learned that she needs to think before giving her word to someone; on the jury, John snickers. Vecepia says that she sometimes acts too rashly in making decisions, and gives an answer just to appease the other party. She's learned to think a situation through so that she doesn't end up battling her morals against her word. So in short, honesty is not part of her moral code.

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