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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

We see the faces of the S2, and the faces of the J7, and fire. But for once, we don't see the faces of the S2 and the faces of the J7 superimposed over the fire. We do see tiki faces superimposed over the fire, though. Peachy tells Neleh and Vecepia that they've heard the jury's comments, and now have a chance to respond. Vecepia admits to having been blown away by their questions, and has only one thing to address. She's upset that some people just made comments because she wanted them to have a "strong base" for their vote, as opposed to "innuendos," because of the amount of money at stake. She then preaches that they should really think about the answers she gave, and find what they need in them. She doesn't tell them to commit anything to tablets.

Neleh wants the jury to consider how well she treated them during the course of the game, as well as her love and compassion for them. She "honestly truly" feels that everyone on the jury deserves a million dollars. And a puppy! She claims again that she only started playing the game on the twenty-fourth day, and only then because she had to. She wants them to know that they were seeing the real Neleh until that time. Huh?

Peachy now reminds the jury that they're voting differently tonight: for a winner, as opposed to voting out a loser. And the voting commences!

John walks into the voting booth and fidgets about for a while. He picks up a rock and puts it down someplace else, takes the lid off the pen, then covers his face. Clearly, he's struggling with the vote. Or hamming it up. Finally, he votes for Vecepia, saying it was an unbelievably hard decision. He'd hoped Neleh would apologize for betraying him, but that didn't happen. He says Vecepia played under the radar after coming in "the back door," and that's not his style, and there's an easy joke there, but it's not my style to make it. John says Vecepia played the game; he's appreciated her honest answers and concludes, "You go, girl!"

Paschal votes for Neleh, and for once doesn't rave about how wonderful she is. Instead, he just says, "More honest, less deceitful, and always completed a race whether she was first or last. And very deserving." And I was so sure he'd vote for Vecepia.

We don't see Robert's vote, but we do see a sad-looking tiki.

Sean exclaims, "We did it, baby!" as he votes for Vecepia. He says it's better her than him, because he knows she'll "represent." He then puts his pinky in his mouth and does a Dr. Evil imitation as he says, "One million dollars!" He claims it's not about the money, but that if she does happen to win, he says she should "hook a brother up, you know. Help [him] pay [his] rent!" He has all love for her; regardless of the result, they'll do chicken and waffles and will "hook it up." He instructs her to remember that whatever the result, "you know, put Christ first and it's all gonna fall into place." He tells her to keep her head up and wishes her well.

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