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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

Vecepia keeps scribbling in her little book, as Kathy dons the necklace and mutters, "Put this stupid thing on," which I'm sure disappointed Peachy since he's all about its "sanctity." They extinguish their fire and collect their torches; then Paschal tells us that he feels great about going to Tribal Council, and about the possibility of winning the challenge, "if it's what [he] think[s] it is." What else would it be at this point? He explains how important immunity is, because it guarantees the winner a place in the final three. We see Paschal wish Vecepia luck and call her "girl." How very Jamaica Kincaid of him. Vecepia tells us that she's going to do her very best in the challenge; she knows she's out of there if she doesn't win it, "and so be it."

Sunset. Mountains. Jabba the Tribal Council Hutt. The S4 arrive; Peachy waits at attention. He orders them to sit down with their pads on their laps, and then brings in the jury. Sean's hair is all poofed up, and he's wearing earrings and a voluminous yellow shirt that resembles a caftan; I'll admit I spent more time than I should have trying to figure out who the big, black woman on the jury was. ["The blowout did make him look a little Macy Gray." -- Wing Chun] Peachy very seriously explains that this immunity challenge will take place at Tribal Council, followed immediately by a vote. The challenge will test how well they know their fellow Survivors. He'll ask a series of questions about individuals they've either all lived with, or events that happened during the past thirty-seven days. The first person to get ten points (by answering ten questions correctly) wins immunity. Peachy takes the immunity necklace back from Kathy and proclaims, "The all-important immunity...back up for grabs!"

Shots of the jury reveal very serious-looking Tammy and Zoe. Robert looks slightly amused but also kind of bored. He tucks a non-existent piece of hair behind his ears, and plucks at a flea. Okay, not the flea part. The first question is what was the first immunity challenge Rotu lost, and for an extra point, who did they vote out? Peachy reveals that the first immunity challenge lost by Rotu was the S.O.S. signal-building, and Gabe got voted out. Neleh gets both parts right, so she gets two points. Everyone else gets one point. They know that Gabe got voted out, but think the loss occurred during the blindfolded tiki-collecting challenge.

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