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Goodbye, Scuttling Crabs!

The music begins to swell dramatically, so we know someone's getting the answer right, and either Neleh or Vecepia will be the victor. Peachy asks, "In which branch of the armed services did John train to be a nurse?" Paschal says "army," which he's told by Peachy is "not right." Kathy and Neleh also say "army," and get the same response from Peachy. Finally, it's Vecepia's turn to reveal her answer: "air force." Peachy snits, "Air force is correct," and Vecepia hits her pad with her fat-ass pen, and Peachy gives her the necklace. Actually, God gives her the necklace; Just Peachy is Just His Conduit.

So now that immunity has been decided, on to the Tribal Council part of the evening. Peachy tells them they can put their pads down if they want -- as opposed to holding onto them for the rest of their lives. He reinforces how important the night's vote is, as is the immunity. He says again that Vecepia can't receive any votes, but explains that she might try to "parlay" immunity into something to get further in the game. The words have barely left his mouth before Kathy jumps in: "I've got an offer." She propositions that Vecepia retain her immunity, but form a "vote alliance" with Kathy for the next two days, thus guaranteeing herself a spot in the final two. Kathy says that if the Council results in a tiebreaker, then she'll " take the questions." I don't know how Vecepia would ever be in a position to take the questions, though, since she can't receive any votes. Peachy suggests that it might be a moot point, since they haven't yet revealed how a tiebreaker works. Kathy responds that she'll take "whatever the heat is." Peachy turns to Neleh, who must have tried to interject, or raised a hand. She answers that she was just considering the discussion and "seein' how it's gonna work out." Peachy asks if she has any thoughts, and Neleh responds, "No, I'm still figurin' it out real fast." As if she could figure anything out quickly. ["Or have 'any thoughts.'" -- Wing Chun] Peachy restates the offer: Vecepia keeps immunity and doesn't vote for Kathy; they then enter the final two together. Vecepia says that she can "handle that" as long as she retains the necklace, and Neleh's head snaps around as the two women agree to have a deal.

Kathy requests time with Vecepia to determine for whom they will vote. Neleh asks if that discussion can't be in front of her and Paschal, but Kathy prefers that her conversation take place elsewhere, which is kind of ironic, because in the past she's been the one insistent upon being on-the-table with their voting intentions. Kathy explains that such conversations usually take place outside the jury's hearing range. Peachy snippily shoots her down: "No! Maybe alliances as you've known them before. But you're making a deal in a public forum." Kathy says she understands and just wanted to "make sure." She turns to Vecepia, and says that if Neleh stays, Paschal can get some food, and that he's "sick of bein' on the beach." Paschal immediately snaps that Kathy shouldn't speak for him; he says, "Let me say what I'm sick of!" Kathy says she was just stating her opinion, and Paschal says, "Don't put me on the choppin' block on your opinion, okay?" So there's that much for his allegiance to Neleh -- since it's either him or her, and he's pretty quick to make it clear to whom his real allegiance is: himself. Rodger would totally have opted out in order to let Elisabeth continue. Anyway, Vecepia says that her vote that evening was going to Neleh, and asks if Kathy doesn't feel right with that, but Kathy concedes. Then Peachy gets tired of this back-and-forth and wants to know if they have a plan; they do. He then asks Paschal and Neleh for comments, and Neleh tearfully responds that she and Paschal have come all this way together, and she doesn't care, now, whether it's going to be her or him. Meanwhile, Paschal smiles because he thinks he's in the clear. Kathy adds that she was always aware she'd be voted off if she came down to a final three with Neleh and Paschal. She says it's a difficult situation, and points out that her voice is quivering. Still, she insists "that's it."

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