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Having been told by Jason that he's not welcome in the shelter that the rest of the tribe is planning, Chet suggests to Kathy and Tracy that they just set up a quick lean-to nearby. Joel makes a disgusted comment about how their decision to build a separate shelter makes the tribe "divided," and it's like...dude. Talk to your boy there about kicking them out of the one you were building. What are they supposed to do? Sleep outside in the rain until they're eliminated? Who raised you, Captain Herbal Essence?

Happy music takes us over to Malakal, where things are much better. There is fishing, and Yau-Man is tending the fire, over which a pot is happily cooking something. Jonathan interviews that they were pretty scattershot on the last challenge, so they're trying to pull it together, and they're hoping that the advantage in sleep and provisions that they believe they have over the fans will be adequate to sustain them and help them actually win the challenge. The music goes semi-porny as Ozzy removes the meat from a giant clam (oh my God, LITERALLY, you people are so gross) while Amanda stands over, hungrily. Ozzy interviews a little reluctantly that he's "starting to become really attracted to Amanda." He mentions that she is both cute and beautiful -- BOTH! -- and then he says, "It's like...UUUUUNNNGGHHH!" That is so romantic. Say it soft, and it's almost like praying. Anyway, Ozzy says that he and Amanda have to "stay apart as long as possible" (I love the implication that the un-apart-ness is inevitable at some point), because being a couple will make them a target.

And then we get to watch Parvati flirt with James for a while, which is about equally appetizing. Okay, no, it's way worse. She interviews that James is "just so cute." Also: all the free graves she could ever need! Amanda giggles in an interview that this is kind of "a couple-y alliance" between her and Ozzy and James and Parvati. "I don't want it to screw up my game," she adds. Oh, nooo. No chance of that.

At Airai, Kathy, Chet, and Tracy have built themselves a mini-lean-to to accommodate them, since they were booted from the other shelter. Erik wanders over, and the rest of the tribe sort of gradually catches on that apparently these people know how to build a shelter, which might know, useful. They all come over and start stealing ideas, and Mikey B is like, "Hey, we'll build ours right next to it, with the fire in the middle, and then it'll be like there's no division!" Man, this is the most craven bullshit of all time, isn't it? God's sake, you threw these people out! Tracy, of course, is a little smarter than she is petty (just one of the many ways she and I are different), so she helps them out and says she thinks this should build her a little bit of a relationship with the Hateful Seven. And then Mikey B and Alexis finally get the fire going, so everybody can get some water. They've got an awfully big structure there, like they're planning on making it a bonfire. I'm not sure it actually needs to be quite that big. It's not Homecoming.

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