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As Kathy is returning from Exile Island, Joel approaches Tracy and Chet and says that it's time to change things up: vote out Mary to break up the partnership between her and Mikey B. Kathy walks up the beach from the little boat that brought her back, and starts talking about how Cirie is so very, very much fun. Kathy asks what's going on, and Joel sees Mikey nearby, so he tells her not to ask questions; just vote for Mary. You can kind of tell that Kathy's like, "What's a 'Mary'?" Kathy interviews that she was pretty sure it was going to be Chet, so when they said it was Mary, she was baffled about where that idea could have originated. Tracy and Chet tell Kathy not to ask any questions. Chet says that it's like being in a pageant during the Q&A round -- just say as little as possible. I'm not sure this is how Kathy lives her life. Tracy says that she thinks Joel wants the money more than anyone, so she's suspicious of everything he does. Mary vaguely interviews that there are discussions she doesn't really understand entirely, but that he thinks the tribe needs to be "really honest with ourselves" and take it from there. Or...something. Meanwhile, Mikey reiterates the details of his plan to Alexis and some of the others, reminding them of what they have to do. Mary interviews that she's pretty sure the people in her alliance can be trusted. Oh, Mary. "Pretty sure" only counts in horseshoes. She doesn't think she's "going to be voted off any time soon." Oh, Mary. Joel says that if tonight goes the way he wants, Mary will go and Mikey will be confused. I'll say -- he tried to hand you the outcome you wanted, and you responded by freaking out. Joel babbles for a bit about how everyone would fear them if they were smart enough, but he thinks on his feet, blah blah.

Tribal council. Jeff welcomes the group, and they dip their torches. Fire is life! Jeff asks Kathy about how she got the original immunity idol, and Kathy tells the absolute truth about getting the information from Yau-Man. Jeff says that her options are to keep the idol tonight or to give it to someone else before the vote, but either way, it's only good tonight, and then it's dead. Jeff asks Chet about the difficulties he had with the challenge, and Chet says it isn't that he was exhausted when he quit; he just thought it was better to let someone else do it. Jeff -- unsatisfied and always on the prowl for the opportunity to eviscerate whomever he perceives to be a girly man -- tells Chet he's giving himself too much credit, because it took him "forever" to do anything. So Jeff insists that Chet answer the question of how it felt to have everyone grow to hate him while he floundered in the water. Chet just says that he felt he pressure, and that he'd have liked to do better, but he didn't, so what's your point, Jeff Probst? Mikey raises his hand, apparently believing that Chet hasn't been adequately picked on yet, and he adds (as Jason smugly nods) that if he couldn't swim, he should have just sat out. Of course, that assumes that Kathy swims better. Do we know that? We do not. To me, the idea that Chet knew that was going to happen and offered to swim anyway is absurd; he simply misjudged how much swimming was required, and answered the question of whether he could swim with the only answer he knew.

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