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Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit...

And here's a shot of an alligator grabbing a dead fish that I'm sure was not placed on the riverbank by the producers. Animal imagery brings us back to Tempura. Debbie says today is a day of rest and relaxation, because if you don't keep your spirits up, you'll start missing things from home, like spouses, children, or, as in Season 16 Kathy's case, the washing machine. Tyson chills out by making a loincloth out of his buff. I find that creepy, like most things Tyson does, while Douche, of course, is loving it. As long as he doesn't join in and make a loincloth of his own, that's fine. The editors, on the other hand, are so annoyed with this that they've just placed a giant blur on Tyson's thighs and moved onto the next thing. God forbid we be exposed to side buttcheek. Debbie laughs her ass off at Tyson's antics because she is lame. We already had a Greg Buis back in Season 1, Tyson, and you are no Greg Buis.

Erinn, on the other hand, isn't so amused. She's sitting by herself in the shelter and says she doesn't know why, but she's having a really hard time making a connection with her tribemates. I think it's because they hate you, Erinn. You just don't have that much in common with them. You're smart and capable and they're stupid and ridiculous. Erinn pulls the Sugar card and says she went through some tough stuff right before she came out here. Her dad didn't die, though; she went through a tough breakup, and it makes it hard to talk to people because she's afraid it'll come up and then she'll burst into tears like she is in this interview. She might as well show some vulnerability at this point. It can't hurt. Tyson has some clothes back on as he interviews that he's pretty much written Erinn off and doesn't bother to talk to her. And he's hoping she'll freak out when she gets voted out because that would be fun to watch. Tyson also thinks that jumping around in a loincloth is fun to watch, so, whatever. At this point, I kind of want Tempura to win the next immunity challenge just so Erinn will be safe for another week and hopefully benefit from the inevitable tribe swap. Save Erinn!

Immunity challenge time! The tribes arrive and are joined by Taj and Sierra. Sierra makes sure to give Brendan a huge hug. Probst takes the idol back from Sydney, who attempts to flirt with him during their half-second interaction. Probst explains the challenge: tribe members will race out through a field and retrieve a puzzle piece, which is a long three-sided block with letters all over it. Once all eight pieces have been collected, contestants must place them on a game board in the correct pattern so that they spell out a message. This is really tricky since they don't know what the message is, which piece goes in which slot, or which of the three sides is the correct one to use. Taj sits out for Jalape├▒o and a really cheesy rapid zoom in and out of the idol takes us to the start.

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