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Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit...

J.T. interviews that it's between Sydney and Sandy, and he's not sure who to get rid of. He and Stephen take a walk together. Stephen asks if he's "definitely" voting for Sandy tonight. J.T. admits that he doesn't know. "Maybe it should be Sydney?" Stephen says. Yes, it should! Sydney is boring. Go away, boring!

Then everyone's hanging out in the shelter. Sydney asks what everyone loves about this game. No one says "A MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS!" or "SLIGHT FAME!" instantly, so you know whatever they do say is a lie. Stephen says he loves meeting people he ordinarily wouldn't and asks her the same question. Sydney is an idiot, so she readily admits she likes being sneaky. Everyone's like, "Oh yeah? Good to know. See ya." Stephen says that Sydney's good looks are nice and all, but they need to be strong and loyal going into the merge. And Sydney is neither of those things. As Jalapeño gets ready to leave for Tribal Council, Sydney interviews for like the second time ever and says as far as she knows, Sandy's going home tonight. She thinks she's popular enough not to be in any danger.

Jalapeño arrives, and Probst talks to Sandy first, asking if she's recovered from the first impression her tribe had of her. Sandy thinks she has, and she fits in with the tribe pretty well. Probst asks J.T. how Sandy recovered from "such an awful start." J.T. calls Sandy "the mother" of the tribe, "taking care" of them so they can do the "hard work." Asshole! Being a mother is hard work, too. Probst then decides to be incredibly rude and ask Sandy how it feels to be all old and stuff when her tribe is young and "relatively speaking" attractive. Basically, he calls her old and ugly. So insulting! Why can't he be this mean to Douche? Sandy takes this opportunity to get a dig in at Sydney, saying she's noticed that some people on the tribe are using their good looks to flirt their way into the group. Then she decides to hell with subtlely and calls Sydney out, saying she's wearing J.T.'s boxer shorts. Probst asks J.T. is this true. J.T. smiles real big and says it sure is. Sydney says it's hot outside and she only has jeans. Probst says no one asked her to defend herself and asks Joe if he sees the flirting Sandy's talking about. Joe says he does.

Probst then turns to Stephen and asks if it's "fair" of Sydney to use her good looks to influence her male tribemates. Again, I ask you -- what is she using to influence Spencer? Sydney's face falls a bit as she gets an inkling that she might be in trouble tonight. Stephen just says that Joe and Sydney flirt way more than J.T. and Sydney do. Stupid Sydney nods her head and smiles proudly at this, and Probst broadcasts that to everyone. She says she's flirty with men and women. Sandy and Taj make faces that suggest that's not quite true. Probst asks Taj if Sydney flirts with her, and Taj says that guys will naturally want to ally with Sydney over Taj because Sydney is gorgeous and "they can't help themselves." Taj says she'll just have to get along through the game her own way. Probst asks Taj how she can be okay with that, because he can't fathom someone not wanting to be the hottest and best at everything. Taj says the fact is that the guys are attracted to Sydney and not her, and she's fine with that and doesn't need their attraction. Because she's married to a freaking football star and has built up quite a successful career of her own, which does wonders for one's self-esteem. Not to mention the secret alliance.

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