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Back at camp, Jan coos over rocks Ted has collected, and he tells her she can have her pick of them "with the exception of this one and this one." Hee. She thinks they're "really cool," and enthusiastically thanks him. In an interview, Jan explains that Helen approached her because of her status as a potential swing vote: she could be pulled into a Helen-Ted alliance, but would really have to think about it. She tells us that whatever decision she makes will be toward what's best for her in the long run. She also reveals that she's not sure that there's any "true, true alliance right now." She knows people have been talking, but she doesn't think there have been any firm avowals not to vote against anyone else. She further tells us that although she and Helen are very tight and she might trust Helen under different circumstances, she knows this is a game. Jan has a pretty wily perspective on all of this. Who knew?

Helen brushes off her feet and mutters about taking better care of her "potholder socks," because she's burned them in the past but still needs to wear them. In an interview, Brian tells us that he derives control and confidence from knowing what everyone else is thinking because it gives him "useful ammunition." He says he has three pieces of ammunition: "I've got my trump card, Jan -- Grandma Jan -- she's disposable. Number Two, I've got my loyal trustworthy solider, Helen. I know where her head's at; I know how she feels about me. I’m very confident -- and uh, good feeling about her and her work ethic. My good friend, Uncle Clay -- I know what he wants; he knows what I want. I know he doesn't want Helen; I know Helen doesn't want him. When I need to use that against each other, I will." He then counts down on his fingers with, "So there's my three: one disposable; a loyal soldier; oops, and a good friend." With the "oops," we see that the last finger standing is the "tall man," and I'm not sure if that's toward the camera, Clay, or unintentional.

As the tribe packs up for Tribal Council, Clay tells us that the game is all about using people. He concludes, "Here we go again -- the circus has come to town," and unless the circus has a habit of using people, I don't quite follow his chain of thought, but then with Clay -- or any of these people for that matter -- I don't exactly expect to.

So the tribe piles into the Council, followed by the jury, including a particularly voluptuous and yet mannish-looking Erin. Jake appears to have borrowed one of Clay's sleeveless collared shirts.

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