The Tides Are Turning

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Mr. Sleeze

The S5 walk toward the challenge site and Peachy tools up beside them in a car. He offers them a ride and orders Ted into the front seat. He tells the others, "Get on in, baby...this is what you're playin' for!" As the car speeds off with Brian, Helen, Clay, and Jan packed into the backseat, Brian looks slightly nauseated while the others appear to find the experience more enjoyable. Then Peachy brakes to a halt and orders them back out of the car for the challenge. He tells them they're playing for the SUV, which he says is "not a bad-lookin' ride." In addition to the car, the winner will get a "Survivor-style" day at a spa, including a massage and a meal. Peachy thinks the food could make for a big advantage going into the last five days, and asks if they think it's "worth playin' for." Why wouldn't it be worth playing for?

The challenge is a race to collect and unscramble an assortment of letters to spell out an activity. The S5 will stand on the first of eight letters as their starting point; they will then move on to a trough filled with tiles featuring both Thai and underscored English letters. After rooting through the trough and collecting an English letter, they can move on to the next phase, which involves lowering a flagpole to release another letter. They will then scale a cargo net, collect a letter, and climb down. Around the next corner, silk-covered Thai and English letters hang from a tree. The S5 will unwrap letters until they find a fifth English letter, and then move onto a "rope pull" with seventeen ropes, of which only five lead to letters. This time, a key is attached to the letter, and will unlock a "treasure chest" containing the final two letters. Finally, the S5 will race to easels with their letters and attempt to unscramble them into two words.

The S5 are off and running, completely missing the fact that they are standing on the first letter, despite Peachy's initial announcement: "You are looking for eight letters total. You're standing on the first one." As they run off in chaos, Peachy chases after them yelling, "You're standing on the first one, guys! You're standing on the first one!" Finally, Clay figures out what Peachy is talking about and heads back to the starting line, and the others slowly follow, except Brian, who is still confused. He crosses paths with Clay and asks, "Where we goin'?" and Peachy answers, "You're standing on your first one!" So Brian figures it out while the others have all moved onto the trough.

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