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Kimj tells us that Boran informed the members of Boranew of their "issues of trust with Clarence." She then says she thinks Silas has strong connections with his other tribe. In a conversation, Kimj tries to get Silas to own up to being in an alliance and he dances around the subject. He doesn't literally dance, but I would have enjoyed it if he did. Silas tells her, "More than anything, I just want to get to the merger." Which isn't totally giving himself away or anything. Kimj then calls Silas out and tells him he wants to get to the merge because of his Playskool alliance. He tries to shrug it off: "I came to win." In a confessional, Kimj tells us that Silas may be a nice guy in real life, but "in our tribe, I don't buy his shmooziness." I'd like Kimj a lot if she weren't so weak in the challenges. She could be the totally hot grandma in my spinning class at the gym. My husband calls the hot moms you see driving around in their little BMWs "Hey Mothers," as in "Hey Mother, Want Another?" Kimj is a "Hey Grandmother." In other words, she's cool for a grandma, but not quite cool enough for Survivor Africa.

We then see Silas, Ethan, and Clarence sitting around; Silas commands Ethan to go get firewood with him. If I were Clarence, I would have thought that was really sketchy. Unless I was Clarence and totally in on the Silas-duping, and then I would have been trying not to laugh. This is the same meeting Ethan mentioned minutes ago. I have no idea why we couldn't just see one or the other, or at least see them sequentially. Silas asks Ethan what Clarence thinks will happen in the Immunity Council, and Ethan answers that he told Clarence Kimj and Silas were plotting against him. How Shakespearean. Silas then says, "I think you're all against me now." Ethan dodgily laughs it off. Silas then confesses that he knows Frank and Teresa will vote against him. Ethan makes a confused face, turns into Woody Allen, and says, "You said they were with you this morning!" Silas then says, "You, me, and Clarence are gonna vote for Frank." He doesn't ask, request ,or even beg, but just assumes they will listen to him. Ethan insists that he doesn't know whether the group will go for voting against Frank. In a confessional, Silas tells us that either he or Clarence will get the vote. I liked the surprise of this episode, but I hate it when they do this; never once do we see a conversation about Silas getting voted off, and none of its orchestration -- when it was decided, who was in on it -- and that's often the most interesting part.

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