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Boranew arrives at Tribal Council; Peachy is back to being typically peachy. He wears a big grin as he asks Ethan what his reaction was to the new tribal division. Ethan says he thought the Samburu members were coming to Boran camp to steal something, but then he noticed the buffs and didn't know what to think. Kimj says they didn't know at first whether the switch was a good or a bad thing. Silas says that with the switching of the buffs came a new game. Peachy then asks Frank whether his lot improved or was weakened by the switched tribes. Has Peachy even been watching the shows? Frank says Boranew is not only a better camp, but better people, too. Peachy calls Clarence "another young alpha male," and Clarence gets ready to defend himself until he realizes that's a compliment. Instead, he babbles that he's stronger with Silas around. Since we know Clarence votes against Silas later, that's crafty. He continues by saying that Silas has replaced Tom has his "tag-team partner." I think it's pretty cool that Tom, who is one of the oldest members of the whole S16, has also been one of the most physically formidable.

The voting begins. Clarence votes for Silas and says, "I love you, man, but I can't trust you." That's all we see. Well, actually we see lots of folding and inserting, but no names or comments.

Peachy bristles with excitement at the moment of the vote reading. He looks like he's about to explode with anticipation and then there will be peach jam everywhere! When Silas hears his name, he gets all jerky and looks around a lot; then it looks like he is going to cry. Silas keeps hearing his name, and then Clarence grins at him when it's clear who's leaving. Frank looks down and I give him points for not rubbing it in. Kimj is crying for some indeterminate reason. After Silas exits, Peachy says, "Well, there's been a lot of assumptions made by you guys so far in this game. One of them is that in two days, there'll be a merge." Burn!

Okay, the commercial with homely Hallie Eisenberg turning into the lovely Halle Berry? Not so nice, I think, to little Hallie.

Next week on Survivor, the great debate over the chicken or the egg continues.

Over the credits, we learn that Silas voted for Frank, and everyone else voted for Silas. Silas then clichés his way right out of Africa.

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