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Finally, Brandon interrupts and insists that people not get emotional. He wants the discussion to continue in the morning when everyone is calmer. Brandon then says that had he been backed into the same corner as Oldskool, he wouldn't have listened to the Playskoolers either. Lindsey insists that Brandon wouldn't have screwed over his team, and then he concedes that he wouldn't have, but just said he would to make things easier for the night. Hee. Lindsey then acts all self-righteous and says, "I wouldn't have screwed my chances." But Oldskool was screwed anyway, so I don't understand her argument. Silas announces that the whole situation is funny: "Y'all talk about character and loyalty and honesty and all this stuff and it did prove right now that, you know, you guys are just full of crap." Why do the worst people always take the moral high ground? Frank tells us in a confessional that one of the three members of Oldskool was going to be eliminated, and "unfortunately, it was Linda." Not unfortunately for those of us at home, but that's beside the point. Frank continues that Samburu is still "a tribe divided," but that the youth need the support of Oldskool and are going about getting it the wrong way: "If they keep isolating us, we're gonna keep fighting." Rock on, Frank. Rock on, on your telephone pole. Teresa says in a confessional that Playskool keeps saying that Survivor is just a game, but they're the ones who are taking it personally. She says that getting to them made her feel good. Playskool sighs and shakes their heads and keeps singing another somebody done somebody wrong song. In a confessional, Silas assumes the persona of the cocky Danny Zuko (in the middle part of Grease, as opposed to the sweet beach-walk-taking Danny Zuko at the beginning, and the varsity-sweater-wearing Danny Zuko at the end) and tells us that Oldskool set him up. He's talking about himself in the third person here, which I've read is a sign of psychopathic tendencies. Excluding my grandmother, of course. He says Oldskool wasn't on Survivor to play a game, but was there for revenge. Would they need revenge if they weren't actually playing the game? Does he think Teresa, Frank and Linda entered Survivor with a vendetta to take down all young people? Lindsey is a constant tooth picker. She's not much of a grinner, though. Nor, I suspect, is she much of a lover or a sinner, and she doesn't play her music in the sun, although she did bring along the bongo drum. In any case, Silas then tells us that Oldskool's act of free will "shows the older group's maturity level." He doesn't say whether it's high or low. He then insists that it's "no big deal," but clearly, it is. Brandon tells us in a confessional that he's not used to being around such emotional people. He says that they need the remaining Oldskoolers, and that it's frustrating for him because the other Playskoolers are "livin' in the moment" and are oblivious to the fact that what they say and do has repercussions.

A bird soars overhead to signify the freedom, peace, love, joy and completeness that is the Boran tribe. Lex and Kelly check the mail and find a voodoo doll. Lex announces to the others that it's "probably the strangest mail [they've] ever gotten." Kelly says they need to put on their "thinking hats." Kelly needs to be teaching school. Or teaching cheers at a school. The clue insists that "three from [their] tribe will go on a quest," and they're supposed to decide who's "the best." The clue suggests that they vote or draw straws and that "the other three wait, but for what, we won't say."

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