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When a Woman Has a Trouble With Her Butt...

We switch over to Samburu reading the same clue. Lindsey picks Frank to go, and Brandon picks Teresa. Playskool is being typically lazy here, lounging about and letting Oldskool do all the work, and it's going to turn out to bite them in the butts later on. Literally, in Lindsey's case.

At Boran, Tom asks who Ethan thinks should go, and Ethan names Lex, Tom, and Kelly. No one argues, so that's the final decision. As the members from each tribe head off, we see that Silas is Samburu's third representative.

In a big empty field, Peachy anxiously awaits his starring moment trying to decide whether he should play it overdramatic and suspenseful, or nonchalant and cool. He welcomes the six back to Day 13, and we find out they're at the "original drop point." Peachy tells them it will be an interesting day, because the game "is about to change again." He instructs them to hand over their buffs. I've never heard the term "buffs" used before, but they're throwing it all over the place this week on Survivor, clearly trying to dupe us into thinking a "buff" is something entirely different then a bandanna, and thus you should buy your very own "buff" for a whopping $18 at the CBS website. In any case, Peachy then pulls out of his sleeve -- or maybe out of his rucksack, but he has a really difficult time handling the rucksack because its buckles are different than on his stylish Kate Spade messenger bag -- six new buffs for them, except in the opposite tribe's colors. He announces that Tom, Lex, and Kelly are now members of Samburu, and that Silas, Frank, and Teresa are now members of Boran. At least he doesn't make them trade buffs with each other. The survivors look understandably shocked as they try to comprehend whether the switch is temporary or permanent. Silas says, "Smoked!" Peachy gives them maps to "their new home," and sends them on their ways. As Lex, Tom, and Kelly head off, Lex calls the other tribe "Samboohoo," and Kelly says, "How many times did I say, 'I'm glad I'm not on that team'?" Tom tells us in a confessional that he wanted to "bolt" when Peachy told them of the switch. He says, "If he'd given me the option: run all the way back to camp -- no water for two days -- or give me your buff, I'd still be tryin' to run."

A deer-like animal squats and poops. We all watched an animal poop on primetime television last Thursday night. I think this is like Disney putting S-E-X in The Little Mermaid: some disenchanted editor decided to sneak in a little poopage and see if anyone even noticed.

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