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At Boranew, Silas tells us, "I was on the good side; now I'm on the bad side." He says the game has twists, and it's like a thorn stuck in his side. That, by the way, is a simile and a semi-appropriate cliché all at once. Clarence tells Silas that he wanted to be on his tribe since the first day because of his strength. Silas says he wanted the same thing, but it's clearly bullshit. Clarence explains that on their arrival in Africa he thought, "Gimme him; we'd be straight!" Teresa and Kimj are bonding; Teresa explains the conflicts within Samburu and that she and Frank were next in line to be voted off. In a confessional, Silas tells us that "this has, like, rejuvenated their life." Meanwhile, Teresa tells Kimj that she and Frank are alive in the game because of the new tribal division. Now Boranew is off together elephant-watching. Even Frank seems content. In a confessional he says he won't give up until he's six feet underground. It's night now, and Teresa and Frank are telling all of Boranew around the campfire about the bad shit that went down between Playskool and Oldskool while Silas skulks in the background. If I was Silas, I'd say I was watching my plans go up in smoke. But I'm not Silas, so I'm not saying that.

Kelly tells us that she's not really on the Samburu tribe -- she says "the red is just a red herring." In a confessional, she says that she, Lex, and Tom are still members of Boran. We then see Tom tell Lex, "We've inherited a castrated bull." He continues, "We've got a queer, and two girls with tighter than -- dang, they're hot." Okay, ew. I'm not 100% confident that's what he said after repeated listenings, but most likely my protective inner self was just repressing. Despite her "tight[ness]," Tom wants to vote off Lindsey because she's a "whiner." Lex says that he thinks Brandon has votes against him, and Tom seems doubtful. We then join Playskool, where Lindsey is telling Kimp and Brandon that she hates the game because she'll lose if anyone votes against her in the next Tribal Council. It sounds like Lindsey must not like playing games at all -- she just likes winning them. Kimp tells us that Sambutwo is "out-manned drastically" and will lose any physical challenge. In a confessional, Kelly points out to us that neither she nor any of the former Boran/now Sambutwo tribe members have votes against them. She says that no matter who Playskool targets, she Lex and Tom will be safe as long as they pick someone from Samburu with votes. She tells us that Playskool talks too loudly, and admits to having eavesdropped on them. We're not privy to what she overheard. Kelly admits to liking Brandon best of her new tribemates, but then she correct herself and says she likes Kimp, too. Lindsey, however, is "really annoying."

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