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Debbie Does Dumbass

Probst gets the urn and asks if anyone wants to play her idol. Taj stays seated, which pleases Douche as he thinks she's about to regret that move very much. The first vote is for Taj, who doesn't look at all concerned. Douche smiles. His grin fades when the second vote is revealed to be for him. And then there's a vote for Debbie, and her little grin disappears. Debbie gets a second vote and realizes that she's done. Meanwhile, Douche tries to figure out who voted for him. When Debbie gets a third vote, she's out. Douche seems to have realized that everyone voted for Debbie except for him and Debbie. And since he voted for Taj, that means she voted for him. Betrayal! And after all that stuff he said about her being honest and full of integrity. Shame on you, Debbie, for being voted out by everyone except the person you were hating on and scheming against all episode. Double shame on you for not actually succeeding and finally ridding us of Douche.

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