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Debbie Does Dumbass

After the break, it's the next morning and it's right back to business. Debbie approaches J.T. and says she wants to talk to him about how they can vote Douche out tonight. J.T. interviews that Debbie's really playing the game now, and taking Douche out is part of her game. And since she's been tight with him since the first day, that tells J.T. that Debbie would turn on anyone. Yeah, that's one drawback to distancing yourself from your alliancemate. Douche, meanwhile, wants Taj to go, saying that she's especially dangerous since she's in possession of the immunity idol and could use it against Douche or J.T. J.T. agrees with him and says he'll talk to Stephen about it. Douche leaves to get some more firewood, and J.T. interviews that he and Douche have different strategies at this point, although only one of them actually knows that. He tells Douche what he wants to hear to keep him placated. He's been doing that for over a week now, and Douche still hasn't caught on.

As soon as Douche leaves, Debbie gets Erinn, J.T., and Stephen together to talk strategy. She asks Erinn what she's thinking right now, and Erinn is hesitant to answer, which should kind of set off some warning bells in Debbie's head. Erinn is obviously being very careful with what she says in front of Debbie, which means she's hiding something from Debbie. J.T. puts in that he wants Douche out next, and Erinn agrees with him. "He definitely don't do nothing around camp," J.T. says. That's such a lie. I've seen Douche collect small twigs for firewood like twice now! And don't forget how awesome he is at cooking beans. Stephen says he's ready for Douche to leave. Well, I was ready for Douche to leave months ago and I really don't appreciate it taking this long for the rest of these people to catch on. Debbie says it'll have to be a blindside, and they'll all have to vote for Douche because he'll be furious and/or devastated to be voted out. I think Debbie's trying to say no more throwaway votes to try to win Douche's jury vote like Taj and Erinn probably did last week when they didn't vote for Sierra. Debbie interviews the word around camp is that Douche is going home next. Is that really the word around camp, or is it the word around Debbie? Debbie says the plan is to tell Douche that they're voting for Taj and blindside him. Debbie continues that Douche is driving everyone in camp crazy, and he has no alliance left.

Erinn walks away, and now there's yet another talk between Debbie, Stephen, and J.T. about getting rid of Douche. She once again rallies for him to go, then says Erinn after him and finally Taj. What makes Debbie think she's so special to J.T. and Stephen that they'd want to keep her over any of those people? She doesn't have the game-long bond with them that Taj has. She's not a good person to go to the finals against like Erinn and Douche (as much as I hate to admit it) are. She tries to claim that she'll give them loyalty to the point that she'd rather see them win than her and would give them immunity to make that happen at the cost of her own place in the game. Yeah, except that she wouldn't and everyone knows that. She's promising things that she'd be insane to follow through on and treating Stephen and J.T. like naïve idiots. Way to play, Debs. J.T. and Stephen play along, calling Debbie an awesome person for saying she'd make such a sacrifice. Stephen interviews that you can't trust anyone's promises out here, especially someone like Debbie that he's only known for ten days. But it's not just a promise, Stephen -- it's a pinky swear. Everyone knows you can't break that. Swear on the life of your kids, sure. Swear to God, of course. But pinky swear? No, that's serious business. Stephen then claims that Debbie's offer to give him and J.T. the final two is an attractive one, because either he's gone insane or the producers told him to talk as if he didn't think that was a line of bullshit.

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