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Furthermore, if Tom thought they were "all playing the game together," where's his outrage at Katie? Where? Katie was certainly going to vote out Tom, and she was going to do it a lot sooner than Ian was. Moreover, had Ian not come up with the plan to vote off Gregg after sussing out Katie's plan to flip, Tom would have been voted off long before this. Ian, in that sense, saved Tom's ass when Tom was not only clueless but stubbornly resistant to people like Caryn trying to tell him what was going on. So why is Tom being such an unbelievable dick only to Ian? It makes no sense, and it seems quite out of character. ["Unless it goes back to the whole 'like men' construct, in which he might have expected Katie to act poorly with regard to him because she's only a girl, and what do you expect?" -- Wing Chun]

Anyway, Ian points out that Tom is now "crucifying [Ian] for a decision that [Ian] didn't even make." Which is true. Of course, he talked about making it, but he didn't actually make it. He talked in his confessionals like he would, but people in confessionals say a lot of things, which is how the editors manage to keep up the suspense about whom everyone is voting for. Tom insists that Ian would have made that decision: "You win that immunity necklace, I'm home taking a shower right now." Which is only true if Katie also would have voted against Tom, so what the hell? Tom insists that he just wants Ian to admit that that's what he would have done. And then Katie Beth some more: "It didn't have to be so ugly. It just didn't." Right. That's exactly what happened: Katie -- who was also going to vote against Tom, who had already hit Ian on a previous occasion with the most ridiculous pantload of guilt-inducing, hypocritical claptrap I have ever heard -- just didn't want things to be "ugly." "What are you trying to salvage?" Tom harangues. "The game is what the game's going to be." Ian insists that he's not trying to salvage anything: "I'm trying to tell you what was going through my mind and my heart and my soul." "Oh," Tom says with disgust. "Oh, it's your soul that's speaking to us now." Katie jumps back in: "Why don't you just say, 'Hey, I'm playing a game, I'm making double deals everywhere, and I got caught.' Why can't you just say that?" Can I ask what fucking business this is of hers anyway? God. SHE SUCKS!

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