The Ultimate Shock

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And then Katie calls it a "tough one" as they throw over Gregg. He babbles about his friends and his "integrity," which doesn't make me like him a whole lot.

Now, Caryn. Katie says they had "ups and downs," by which she means, "Snack on this, bitch; I'm in the final three, and you're rusting next to a big clam." They all claim to like Caryn as a person, and "respect" her. Caryn voices over about how "all-consuming" the game is, and I don't really get her point, which is kind of cult-y sounding.

"This was a really hard one for me," Katie says, throwing over A-Jenn's torch. "Jenn was my best girl out here." A-Jenn claims to have proved she wasn't "the girly-girl." Not sure how that happened, but people need to believe things sometimes. And there you have it. They're all dead. DEAD!

Later, the three who remain make their way to the challenge. Jeff shows them three floating buoys with discs attached to them. The challenge is this: you stand on the disc as long as you can, bobbing away in the water and holding a vertical pole. That's about the size of it. And...go! "Ian," Jeff says, "you think this is going to go a while?" "I think so," Ian says. The other two agree.

At the one-hour mark, Katie is asked what she's thinking about. "Winning immunity," she says, in precisely the "eatin' an apple" voice that I miss so much. Asked what he's thinking about, Ian mentions his "rough night," and says that he's "thinking about a lot of things." Like, it would appear, being a total dumb-ass.

At the two-hour mark, they're all feeling the effects of the wind, which blows the buoys and causes them to all cling to the poles as they lean precipitously. And then the rain starts. As it pours down at the 3:18 mark, Jeff asks Tom whether the rain makes it harder. "Not as difficult as the sun would be," Tom says.

And then, of course, we cut to the four-hour mark, with the sun beating down. Amusing! Ironic! Because, you know, Tom just said...well, never mind. Jeff asks Katie how confident she is that she can win. She says she's confident she can if someone "makes a mistake." Of course, this one isn't nearly as prone to losses of balance or concentration as some past endurance challenges have been. This one really is much more pure, and it's not surprising that it went on for a long time. Jeff asks Ian how confident he is. "Pretty confident," Ian says, but then adds that you never know. "Think you can beat Tom?" Jeff asks. "Yep," Ian says, and then we look over at Tom, smiling at him in a way that's either accidentally affectionate or purposely snotty, and it's actually kind of hard to say which. Katie says she's not enjoying it, because her back hurts.

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