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Of course, as one of my friends pointed out, the truly bad-ass move for Tom would have been to say that Ian's being willing to do that was all it took, that they were square, and that he wanted to -- what was it? -- "duke it out like men." One demonstration of loyalty from Ian, one show of loyalty -- let's call it even and forget the whole thing. After all, Tom already paid Ian back for his "sin" by voting twice to try to get Ian booted and forcing Ian into a tiebreaker just to survive. You'd think that "honor" would suggest that your move there is not to accept somebody's quitting in order to please you. You tell them that the gesture is enough. It would have been a rare moment of grace in a stupid show, not to mention maybe the sexiest thing to ever happen, but it is not to be. ["And furthermore, if Katie really cared about their friendship, she might have roused herself long enough to tell Ian not to do that for her, and that she didn't want to get in the final two that way. Not that I really expected it of her, of course, because SHE SUCKS." -- Wing Chun]

So, Tom wins immunity. He and Ian clamber up onto the raft where Jeff awaits. And they hug. "I was about to fall off, too -- I'm surprised you did that," Tom says warmly. And Ian playfully shoves Tom, and he falls in, so they're totally friends again -- and all Ian had to do was give Tom the money. Isn't Tom a great guy? -- and then Ian and Katie hug. Because Ian is a big, big sucker. Tom takes the necklace, and Jeff decides that just in case Tom were to get a pang of the stupidity of what he's doing between now and tribal council, they'll just hold tribal council here, verbally. Which -- what? They will? Since when? Gross! Unfair! Come on, Probst -- send them back to camp and let it play out. That sucks. Of course, Tom votes out his "buddy Ian." I mean, before he does it, he asks Ian -- in front of everyone, with no time to think -- whether he still means it about the deal, and Ian says he does. Not that he has a choice after seeing what Tom tried to do to him all day. So Tom tells us how he now feels a lot better. What with the million dollars and everything. Katie and Tom are sent back to the beach; Ian is taken away with Jeff.

The sun rises on Day 39, over Tom and Katie. Tom starts talking to Katie about comparing their dreams, and then he's marveling over how they're the final two, without "anybody else here at camp," blah dee blah. They discuss how the time is almost here to leave camp. Katie talks about how "this is it" and so forth. Tom interviews that Katie is "so likeable" (!) and "such a character," and how he's not sure whether people might give it to her rather than Captain Immunity. And then he blathers that he can't believe he's here and so forth. He talks about how they're leaving the beach for good, which of course is "bittersweet" as always.

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