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And now, Caryn. She asks Tom what she was to him. Pawn? Friend? Tom reminds her that she never was promised that she was in any alliance with Tom. He says he just told her they could "look out for each other's backs." And she returns to all her stuff about whether it was "legitimate and genuine," and blah blah, and then Tom tells her that he won't answer -- she should find the answer "in [her] heart." Barf. Now, Caryn moves on to Katie. She says she's going to say what she "observe[d]" about Katie: "You were phony and cruel to everyone except Tom and Ian. Aside from that, I also observed, laziest person at camp, mean, bad at challenges, unkind, and betrayed me. Give me one reason I should vote for you." I love that Caryn called Katie out for being bad at challenges. Caryn was probably the only person more lame than Katie at challenges. If Katie needed someone to whoop at log-rolling in order to save her life, I think Caryn is exactly whom she would call. I think, incidentally, that it's during Caryn's question that Katie realizes that she has absolutely no shot at the money whatsoever, and she just moves on to getting through the rest of this as painlessly as possible. She says that she's sorry Caryn thinks she's unkind, and she's sorry Caryn is obviously judging on a personal level. Caryn gets all, "The question was, Katie, these are the things I observed." Which wasn't the question. The question was "Give me one reason I should vote for you." And what Katie is saying is that if you think she sucks as a person and you're voting on a personal level, there's probably no reason to vote for Katie, because the reasons she could give you to vote for her are game-based. I also love that Caryn tries to dis Katie for being "carried" by an alliance, as if that isn't exactly what Caryn tried to do. I mean, honestly. Caryn basically tried to displace Katie in Katie's alliance, and now she's trying to get snitty? Whatever. Katie tells Caryn that there's no shame in alliances. And with the growing boldness of the condemned, Katie says, "That's why you're sitting over there, because you didn't make one." Spot-on, of course. Caryn has no smart-ass comeback for this, so she sarcastically says, "I got it, Katie," which is her way of pretending she's just holding back her brilliant rejoinder.

A-Jenn. She congratulates Katie and Tom. She basically tells Tom that she thinks he's a chauvinist who didn't respect her. Why should he get her vote? Huh. Good question. Tom tells A-Jenn that he didn't respect her game until late, when she pushed the issue of Ian's betrayal. Of course, she didn't think of it when she should have, so whatever. But that's what Tom says -- that he then learned to respect her game. Bleh. A-Jenn makes a really weird comment to Katie about how bad it is to just let people disrespect you over and over and take it, and for a minute, I think she's going to tell Katie she needed to tell more of the jurors to stick it. Like Gregg. Which would have been awesome. But no, she's on a more general something-or-other about how Katie had chances to "play this game like a strong woman." Or something. She wants to know whether Katie was "a strong woman or a doormat." A doormat? I'm so confused. Katie tells A-Jenn that she thinks that self-preservation is strong on its own. "I'm not here to prove that I'm a strong woman," she says. "I believe I am a strong woman. By me sticking to my plan and my strategy, yeah, I feel good about my game." A-Jenn sits.

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