The Ultimate Shock

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Miss Alli: B | 1 USERS: A+

First vote, Tom. Second vote, Katie. Third vote, Tom. Fourth vote, Tom. Fifth vote, Tom. And that will do it. Aw, that's cool. Despite making me mad in this episode, Tom is a really good guy, and at least he played an awesome, strong game, and it's always good to have a guy with an awesome, strong game win, because it means the jury didn't entirely vote like they sometimes do and like I thought they might, spiting the person who really beat them by rewarding a much less impressive player. Tom and Katie hug. She is not surprised. He runs out to hug his family. Back at the firehouse, there is cheering. The rest of the dead Survivors walk in behind the jury, stretching to obtain relevance. Jeff talks about the unexpected ending, Ian's stupid deal, and other mysteries, like lame-ass Ulong and the way it was eaten. Just come back soon, people. We've got a reunion left to go.

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