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No One Told Me There'd Be Bean Salad!

Previously on Survivor, the members of Maraanu found their own food and then raided Rotwo's camp for more of the same. Peachy tells us in a voice-over that the raid caused Rotwo to become "more unified," but I think their reaction could be better described as "to become less unified, and cannibalize the idealistic Moppet in their first-ever Tribal Council." But maybe that's just me. In any case, Rob "had a message" for John (which we didn't see when the episode aired). He warned, "I know exactly what you're doin'. First chance I get, I'm gonna getcha." So Moppet lovers everywhere were heartbroken as the Rotwos proved themselves Rotools (tm elizabethann), John got a pre-kneecap-breaking warning, and eleven remain.

A full moon, racing clouds, and the waterfall find us at Rotwo on Day 16. Robert tells us that the four original Rotu members made "a little pact" to try to control the game and become the final four. They bathe at the waterfall, and Tammy jumps off a cliff with victorious arms. Robert continues explaining that the group is confident that they're in control. As they plot, John says that it's not "BS" that if they play it right, the winner will come from their group. He tells the others that he's been waiting for the tribe to lose an immunity challenge so that he could get rid of the Moppet. So basically, John was just looking for an excuse to de-Moppetize Rotwo, and all that "untrustworthy" drama was just a smokescreen. John says in a confessional that his leadership "has emerged" since they voted off the Moppet; there was "definitely a shift," and now everyone knows he's the leader and is "running the show." We see a clip of John apparently weeding around the watering hole. John tells the group to concentrate on the reward challenge; he contends that the immunity challenge is not important, since they outnumber the former Maraamus 4-3 and thus will have voting control. He wants to put their "best personnel" in the reward challenge, but first he'll need to clear that with the bureaucrats in Human Resources. Robert tells us that John has made himself "the power guy" in their "little group," and that's fine with him. He plans to sit back and relax while John "take[s] the grief" and becomes the next target.

Now John stands with his arms outstretched under the waterfall while he tells us in a voice-over that this was his "new tribal baptism." That's the kind of comment that should really embarrass him when he watches this show five years from now. But then again, by the time this show wraps up, it will probably be the smallest offense in about a million ridiculous things he's said and done. In any case, John says he got "silly," and decided to go skinnydipping. He semi-moons the tribe and then turns around and fills up the front of his shorts with water. I just write it down, people; I gave up trying to make sense of it about three and a half seasons ago. John makes sure Robert knows he's going in naked; meanwhile, Zoe looks amused while Tammy just looks bored. After all, if Tammy wanted to see balls, she could just look down. Because it seems to me she's better equipped than are any of the wimpy men they've got out there. Anyway, John cannonballs naked and tells us in a voice-over that it was like washing off "all that other stuff" and starting anew. He calls it a symbolically powerful moment which demonstrated another level of their relationship; he says he wouldn't be comfortable doing a naked cannonball in front of the other members of the tribe. He doesn't appear to care whether either group is comfortable with his doing a naked cannonball in front of them.

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