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We don't hear the immunity challenge clue, and the S11 show up in a field where a huge, circular maze awaits them. Peachy reclaims the idol from Neleh, who smiles at it because she LOVES her dolly. Peachy explains that within the giant maze are hidden five rungs. The tribes will begin next to each other and move in opposite directions through the maze to locate the first rung; they will then use that rung to begin building a ladder in the center of the maze. The first tribe to collect all five rungs in order, build the complete ladder from top to bottom, and climb to the top of the ladder with the flag is the winner. Peachy says that, "to make it interesting," they'll all be tied together. Not that it matters, since they'd all be holding hands anyway. We learn that Rob will lead Rotwo, and we already know who will lead Maraanu, because she always leads.

From the beginning Rotwo takes the lead; Kathy appears to be running straight for the dead ends. The members of Rotwo find their first rung, and the sidelined people clap half-heartedly as it's placed on the ladder. Meanwhile, Kathy is getting snitty with her tribe; she tells them she wants to go to the other side of the maze, and Paschal humors her by saying, "Okay, we're right behind you." She snits back that she just wanted to tell them what she was doing. Rotwo has located the second rung, and at this point, it's clear that Tammy is definitely not throwing the challenge. As Maraanu continues to flail, Peachy tries to help them by reminding them it's a "big, circular, maze, guys." But the members of Rotwo have already found their third rung before the members of Maraanu even have one. Then the tribes collide and each side piles up, and man, that's funny. Kathy stops to get her bearings, and I don't know why she didn't just turn around and follow the other tribe out since they're clearly superior at finding their way through the maze. Even Gina looks annoyed by now. They then bang into each other again, and Kathy shoves Rob. That's comic gold, people. Finally, Maraanu emerges from the maze with their first rung, and Kathy acts surprised that Rotwo is so far ahead. Peachy rubs it in by saying, "Maraamu, finally on the board." Kathy realizes that she's totally screwed up and tries to place some blame on the others by screaming for them to "help [her] get back!" Gina is too busy rolling her eyes to help; Neleh thinks the maze is COOL!; and Paschal's about to collapse. By this point, Kathy is running aimlessly; she keeps peeking around corners and then frustratedly turning each way. At one point, every single one of her tribemates yell that she's going the wrong way, and Neleh snarks under her breath, "We've been that way a hundred times!" And as much as I despise Kathy, since I've never seen Neleh actually try to lead at anything, she doesn't have room to talk. Kathy keeps pointing where they need to go, but she never can actually get there because mazes -- who knew? -- don't operate in a straight line. Meanwhile, Rotwo has placed its fourth plank on the ladder and quickly locates the fifth. Kathy yells that she others should go "fast," and despite that piece of inspired advice, Rotwo claims the victory. The expected celebration/commiseration ensues. Peachy and John are genuinely sorry that someone from Maraanu is going home. And as embarrassed as Kathy should be by her leadership failure, Tammy should be more embarrassed by her hip-thrusting victory dance on at the top of the ladder. ["Because the members of Rotu are bad winners, too." -- Wing Chun]

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