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No One Told Me There'd Be Bean Salad!

Peachy proclaims that the reward challenge will be a "jungle relay race," in which four members from each tribe will compete. The race will have three legs (which is not nearly so endearing as a three-legged dog, but that just might be me): first, a member from each tribe will race through the jungle until he reaches a paddle tied to a log. The competitors will untie their respective paddles and continue racing, tagging a teammate along the way. The two tribe members must stay together until reaching a second tied-up paddle. They will then carry both paddles to the second leg of the race, where they will break open coconuts until they find a key. The key and paddles are then passed to the other two competing members of their tribe. In the final leg, the teams will use the key to unlock an outrigger canoe. Each pair of competitors will then paddle out to their tribe's flag -- which is in the water -- retrieve it, and paddle back. Once on shore, they are required to drag their boat to within reach of its chain, and the first tribe to reach a tiki on the beach with both paddles and the tribe's flag wins. Got that? Peachy then says that on such a hot day, they'll definitely want the prize, which is surprisingly not Mountain Dew, but something equally gag-worthy called Sierra Mist. The S11 cringe more than smile in response. Then Peachy reveals a plastic-covered plate with a sampling of the meal that awaits them: it definitely contains chicken, bean salad, and a "really nice dessert." It may also contain beets, but I couldn't quite make out the word. Competing for Rotwo will be Rob, Zoe, John and Robert. Competing for Maraanu will be Neleh, Paschal, Gina and Kathy, because they don't get any choice.

Paschal and Rob are doing the first leg, which is mostly running, and Paschal trips right from the start. He's so skinny and gray and desperate -- he looks like a prisoner of war, which is what my mother-in-law says of my husband when he shaves his head and grows a beard, and which has never made any sense to me since he's a very well-fed man. Anyway, it seems like a particularly cruel pairing, but as my viewing friends pointed out, Maraanu didn't have much else to go on. Zoe keeps advising Rob to "take it easy," but Rob wants him some bean salad. Rob reaches the paddle first; Paschal arrives not too long afterward. Rob unties his paddle first and takes off through the woods. I thought the two members had to stay together, but Rob is way ahead of Zoe, who he must have tagged at some point. Paschal finally finishes untying his first paddle just as Rob and Zoe reach their second. Half-witted Neleh grins as Paschal tags her and they run, because running is FUN! She then tries to take the paddle from Paschal, but he won't hand it over. Neleh reaches Maraanu's second paddle first and waits for Paschal; she then tags him because, apparently, he's it! Paschal and Neleh begin working on the paddle just as Rob and Zoe finish and take off with theirs.

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