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Now it's Night 16 at Maraanu, and they just can't let the Moppet go. Neleh reads something he wrote, which begins as follows:

In the jungle insects creeping
In the love shack eight friends sleeping [kinky!]
We've got fire, food, and shelter
Water for the tropic shelter...

And then there's some line about the "pig pit" that Neleh is unable to read. Incidentally, we should all be on the lookout for the Moppet's name in the credits as a "clue writer" next season, because he clearly has what it takes. Throughout this scene, the tinkly music from the Felicity "Winter Finale" may or may not play in the background. Gina explains in a confessional that the Moppet had written Paschal a poem (if you want to call it that), and that they had bonded like a father and a son. She tells us that Paschal didn't have any sons, and that he's repeatedly said that if he had had sons, he would want them to be like the Moppet. (I read in a chat with the Moppet that he thought of Paschal more as a brother figure than as a father figure, but that's neither here nor there.) Kathy makes a fuss of making sure the note gets back to Paschal, quite possibly because she thinks Neleh might steal it, because poetry is PRETTY! They all agree that it's "really special," and we all know what "special" means on Survivor. Paschal looks at the paper sadly, and again says he was "flabbergasted" and "bitterly disappointed" that the Moppet is gone. He remembers what it was like to be the Moppet's tribemate, and what the Moppet offered to the group. Paschal then shakes his head and laments, "Twenty-three years old," and I missed the part where the Moppet died. As he says, "What a kid," we see that Paschal is crying. In a confessional he tells us that he still "loves everyone dearly," but that everything's different now. His world his shattered, and he'll never be the same again. Everything he believed in is gone, and he's staring into the abyss of a life on the island without the Moppet. He then falls to his knees and screams in anguish, "Oh Moppet, why have your forsaken me?" Actually, he doesn't go that far, but he really does push the drama envelope. He concludes his monologue by saying that they are who they are now, and everything else is in the past. Neleh says it makes her so MAD, and that the Moppet shouldn't have been the one who left. Because voting the Moppet off was not FAIR and now she feels SAD. Kathy agrees that he was very "talented" and shouldn't have been voted off, except you know she's secretly pleased because it's better for her if he's gone. Paschal leaves, and Neleh says she knew it would break his heart, and broken hearts are BROKE. The sun goes down on Paschal's broken heart, as night turns to day at Maraanu.

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