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I Said That Time May Change Me, But I Can Change Tribes

Back at Rotwo, Tammy is still cooking away while Sean and Rob are still sitting around. She brings them more food so that they can gracelessly refill their plates while The Moppet looks on with irritation. They discuss what their strategy will be, and Sean proclaims the members of the original Rotu as "five strong." He says that because they are "real tight," the only way Rob, Sean, and Vecepia can ensure their stay in the Marquesas is by continuing to win challenges, and that regardless of what they do, the members of Maraamu will be voted off first no matter what. Tammy stands with her hands on her hips as Sean repeats what he just said in a confessional, and explains there's nothing he can do to try to prove himself at this point. He swats at insects and says, "And it you don't kiss butt -- like I don't plan to do -- then you just know that your butt is next." He says that if he's the next to be voted off, then so be it, but he can't "hold his mouth for too long" because "they're gonna definitely know where Sean is comin' from."

Now we watch Sean and Rob sitting on the beach through the crook of Tammy's armpit. Who really knows why; I've moved on from denial to acceptance. Sean and The Moppet now have a conversation, if that's what you want to call Sean's paranoid ranting. Sean says that he and the other members of Maraamu are not going to overexert themselves or attempt to prove themselves when they know they'll be voted off next anyway. He says they're just trying to fit in with the others and have fun. The Moppet looks at him perplexedly and says something I can't understand through a mouthful of coconut. You know it's bad when it's easier to understand Sean than it is to understand the person to whom he's speaking. Sean continues, "The thing is we [sic] not gon' walk around here like slaves to prove anything to anybody." In essence, in comparing himself to a slave, he's likening The Moppet and the other members of Rotu to slavedrivers, which immediately puts them in a defensive position. He insists that he, Rob, and Vecepia will rest when they want to rest and then calls the Rotus "Clydesdales." He imitates them going on fifty-mile hikes and fanatically cutting stuff up and then screams, "Let's just sit our butts down and freakin' relax!" Sean is so dissociated from reality, he's starting to scare me. I'm afraid if he ever finds my recaps, he'll track me down and yell at me. He tells The Moppet that he's tired of this "workin' around," and says, "I'm a grown man out here! And I'm gon' be real with you!" The Moppet bears a confused smirk as he says he wants Sean to be real with him. At this point, he probably wants to beg Sean to be real with him as compared to whatever delusion has spawned this attack. Sean finally says, "We [sic] not tiptoeing around a mother out here. And I'm comin' out my shell telling you right now!" The Moppet continues to look fiercely confused, wondering how laziness became a tribal issue, and what tiptoeing around his mother has to do with any of it.

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