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I Said That Time May Change Me, But I Can Change Tribes

Back with the others, Rob wants to know what Vecepia thinks of the rift among Rotwo. She says, "It's too much damn drama for me." She insists that Rob and Sean know she's "down with [them]" and will be no matter what, but she adds, "As far as the chitchat and the drama, bunk that. I ain't with it." In a confessional, Vecepia explains her plan to "stay drama-free and that's the way to be." She says that when the drama starts, she walks away, and concludes, "If my name's not in it, then I'm not in it."

Maraanu checks their tree mail and discovers a challenge clue about looking for a pattern, weaving, and being wary of time. It also warns that "eviction is looming." We haven't had a good pun in a long time -- the clue writers are back on form! Kathy brags to Gina, "Oh, God! Thank God my weaving skills are good!" As we'll see later, Kathy should have spent a little less time on her weaving skills and a lot more time on her leadership skills.

Back at camp, Sarah is all cuddled up and rolling around in the dirt in Paschal's American flag, and Gina makes her get up to hear the clue. Kathy tells us in a confessional that she thinks Rotwo might have an unusual strategy for the challenge. She says, "If they don't like the people that came over, I can see that tribe backing off on a challenge." She thinks Rotwo might throw the challenge just so that they can vote someone annoying out of their tribe, but if that were the case, they would have done it the first week with Kathy. And besides, The Moppet's ego is too big to lose a challenge willingly. They do a Maraanu cheer, which Neleh and Kathy think is weird. For a minute I think "finally!" because why would people stranded on a desert island ever do cheers in the first place, but then I realize that they think it's weird to be cheering for Maraanu and not Rotu.

Maybe if the tribes wasted less energy holding hands, and spent more energy doing important things, they'd be better off. But that's just a thought. When the tribes arrive at the challenge, Peachy tells the Moppet to "give it up," and he means the immunity idol, not The Moppet's whole Free Willy shtick. Peachy suggests the possibility of "new tribes, maybe new energy?" surrounding the immunity idol, but then he gets realistic and says, "Maybe it goes back home with Rotu again." Peachy explains that the day's challenge is all about weaving. Each tribe has a woven, scrambled tapestry. The first tribe to unscramble the tapestry, and thus reveal a picture matching the designated design, wins immunity. Maraanu...I mean, "the losers" will then head off to Tribal Council. Sean, John, and Rob sit out for Rotwo, and Neleh's as hopeful as a dog over at Maraanu.

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