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I Said That Time May Change Me, But I Can Change Tribes

The tribe heads off to catch the van that shuttles them to Tribal Council, for which they may or may not be using the grand concourse of a shopping mall. Peachy explains the "little ritual" of the "personalized tribal torch" to Neleh, Paschal, and Kathy because they've not yet been to Tribal Council. Peachy says that a lot has changed in the past couple of days; he wants to know Paschal's reaction. Paschal was initially shocked, because he wasn't expecting the switch, and says that after they got to Maraanu, it was like "being thrown in a briar patch." He then turns it around like the politician he is and says that the group has "taken care of an old man pretty well," and that it "worked out great." I do like his grin -- I may be caving. Gina thinks that the switch was awesome, and that it made for one of the better days she's had on the island. She says she would have been next to go if the tribes had stayed the same, and that she's not missing the old tribe members at all. Kathy was not happy during the buff exchange, because Rotu was a strong team and she's a competitor. She talks of "the range of emotions" she experienced at the time, and cites "anger," "sadness," and "oh my God, what's gonna happen next?" as the emotions that plagued her. Peachy asks whether Kathy thinks she's among the losers now, and Kathy yells, "Who are you calling a loser, you short, semi-charming, no-Joe Rogan, glorified talk show host?" Actually, she doesn't say that, but you know she's thinking it. Instead, she says she doesn't think of the group as losers, but as a "new era." She tells Peachy that, at this point, they're just trying to enjoy themselves and develop some tribal spirit. Neleh says she was disappointed when she turned over her Maraanu disk "expecially [sic]" because two of Rotu's strongest tribe members had just rejoined Rotwo. She waited patiently for some of her old Rotu tribemates to join her, but she still didn't know what to expect. She says that the situation changed when they got to camp -- it was beautiful, and she "gotta [sic] meet some new people," so every day things are getting better. Sarah half-heartedly says that the switch was definitely a "shocker" and a good thing, because she got to experience new faces and new energy.

We don't see who anyone votes for, but Sarah wriggles around a lot while she's up there.

Blah, blah, blah, leave the Tribal Council area immediately. The first vote is for Sarah, and the second vote is for "K.O.," which is a little confusing because Kathy Varvick-O'Brien's real initials should be "K.V.," I think. ["I think 'K.O.' is her Rotu nickname." -- Wing Chun] In any case, the third and fourth votes are for Sarah, and then Peachy anticlimactically proclaims it a majority. He dismisses Sarah with the line that there's "no need" to read the last vote; she blows a kiss at someone, and I can't figure out who she thought was at the receiving end of it. After slipping his room key into Sarah's pocket (pocket? What pocket?), Peachy says that Survivor is unpredictable, and that learning to adapt is part of the game. He gives them credit for adapting, which is about the only thing this tribe can be credited with at this point in the game.

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