The Winds Twist

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I Said That Time May Change Me, But I Can Change Tribes

Next week on Survivor, Maraanu finds "a new spirit" while "suspicion and doubt" fracture Rotwo. In the reward challenge, the winning tribes gets to raid the losing tribe's camp. Hee! Raid! Fun!

Sarah gets emotional during her closing words, while she didn't expect to do. She's excited that the others get to finish the game, which is a strange thing to say. She then says that she hopes that her former Maraamu tribemates do very well, "Gina expecially. [sic]." Add pronouncing "especially" as "expecially" to the list of prerequisites for selection to Survivor. Bye, Sarah. See you in Penthouse! Well, I won't see you there, but some people will...what I mean to say is, you'll end up there eventually, whether or not I actually see you there.

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