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I Said That Time May Change Me, But I Can Change Tribes

Ooh, a real scuttling crab. I knew they wouldn't let me down. It's Day 9 at Rotu. John, who increasingly resembles Jeff Varner from the Outback, braids Neleh's hair. And actually, he's not braiding Neleh's hair, he's just putting it in a ponytail. She can't put her own hair in a ponytail? Someone suggests that John make a "big pigtail in the back," and for the record, one "big pigtail in the back" is not in fact a pigtail, it's a ponytail. In any case, John says he'll make it "like, a Barbie doll thing." Neleh is very impressed with her new ponytail and proclaims it perfect while pawing at it; John admits, "I jammed." Paschal gnaws on something in a troubling way and then hugs Kathy while, over her shoulder, he continues gnawing; some food falls out of his mouth. If you haven't noticed yet, Old Man Syndrome hasn't kicked in yet this season for me. We'll give it some time. Paschal tells us in a confessional that the tribe has been a family since the very first day. He doesn't think their mood could be better, and insists that it's a "calm, peaceful feeling." It's not quite a "peaceful, easy feeling," though, so as yet it might let him down. He says they have real "family pride here," and he doesn't think the other tribe has that. Paschal creeps up on The Moppet standing in the water and hugs him from behind. The other tribe doesn't have from-behind hugging attacks, either.

Tammy and John sit together; Tammy says she thinks the tribe has found its "groove." She says people are beginning to relax, and that yesterday was the best day she's had yet on Marquesas. The Moppet then sneaks up behind John and Tammy to give them backrubs. What's with everyone in this tribe sneaking up on everyone else? The Moppet sprawls out on his back on a bed of rocks and proclaims the tribe "unbelievable": he cites "unity" and "love" as the reasons they keep winning. He tells us that their coming together at camp and during the challenges has been an "unreal experience."

Kathy squats while chopping coconut pieces with a large knife. As she mixes the pieces in a frying pan, she tells us that she's preparing toasted coconut, which was a new discovery last night "by the infamous chef, John." John walks over to Kathy at this point in her confessional, which is most likely the only reason she credits him for concocting the new treat. Kathy explains that the tribe has been trying to make their food taste better, and that when last night's coconut burned in the bottom of the pan, it tasted really good. I like coconut, but it always makes me thirsty. But that's neither here nor there, is it? As the tribe eats, Kathy thinks toasted coconut is so delicious that they should make it every two hours. Jon pours some coconut pieces into the Moppet's hand as Tammy tells us in a confessional that the members of Rotu like and respect each other as individuals. She says that -- whether they like it or not -- they've become a "second family." She then channels Martha Stewart and proclaims it a "good thing."

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