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I Said That Time May Change Me, But I Can Change Tribes

We return to the group, where Vecepia tries to learn the nicknames of the former Rotus: John is "Johnny Potts and Pans," Zoe is "Xena," The Moppet is "Tonga," Tammy is "Scoop," and Robert is "The General." This last revelation is accompanied by a close-up shot of Robert repeatedly flexing his "The General" bicep tattoo. It's not pretty. Rob tells us in a confessional that he doesn't know how he'll overcome "the numerical advantage" that the former members of Rotu now hold. He says that the biggest thing will be to see how he'll bond with his new tribemates. He thinks the Moppet "seems pretty cool" and says, "He's definitely a brainiac -- probably thinks he's a lot smarter than he really is." He first thought John was a "big-time queer," but now he's unsure because at camp he seems "rough and tough." He then points out that John does do all the cooking, so the jury's still out on his sexuality. Just to be safe, Rob says, "I won't be sleeping next to him tonight...not the first night, anyway." Rob thinks Robert seems like a nice guy; he's big and tough and wants everybody to know that, which according to Rob means "he's probably got a little sausage." According to me last week, it meant the same thing. Poor me if I'm so intellectually -- or not so much -- aligned with Rob. Rob then tells us that Tammy is engaged, so "there's not to much hope there," and that Zoe's "pretty nice...but, come on!" He then proclaims her to be "the toughest guy in this tribe." For the record, it does seem like Rob is being prompted by the cameraperson in this confessional to comment on each member of Rotu, particularly on his romantic prospects. In short, Rob doesn't think this is the type of group where he can "jump in and joke around and just be all outlandish and stuff" like he did at Maraamu. He says the game is definitely changing -- but he doesn't know yet whether it's for better or for worse.

We now rejoin Maraanu, where Kathy has discovered the tribe's map. She actually admits to not knowing something, and says she's embarrassed to say she doesn't know how to pronounce the tribe's name. They all say variations of it, but none the same. Peachy pronounces it "Mar-a-A-mu," for the record, and I don't pronounce it at all, because it makes me feel silly. Gina tells us in a confessional that it was "unbelievable to actually see somebody that wanted to go get water," and says Maraanu got three new tribe members who "totally kick butt." As the tribe heads off to fetch water, Gina raves to Neleh about Hunter: how he provided water and food, and how they had so much in common, and that he was "so awesome" and the "nicest guy in the world." She doesn't say anything about how he was cute as could be; or how he showed off, splashing around; or how they went strolling and drank lemonade and how they stayed out 'till ten o'clock and how he got friendly holding her hand and how they made their true love vow, and how she wonders what he's doing now? And they also edit out the parts where Neleh says, "Tell me more, tell me more," and where Paschal and Kathy chime in, "Wella, wella, wella, uh!" and "Shoop baa baa, shoop baa baa, shoop baa baa yeah!" Those key omissions aside, we see that Sarah is bringing up the rear and most likely cannot hear any of Gina's ranting, but then suddenly she is ahead of Kathy and Paschal, so clearly her body has been digitally added there to make it seem as though she's in a position to overhear the conversation. Gina tells Neleh that she thought she was the one going that night, and that it "shocked the hell out of [her]." She still can't believe they got rid of Hunter, and then "jumped down [her] throat" for asking why. She chides, "Lazy, lazy."

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