The Winds Twist

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I Said That Time May Change Me, But I Can Change Tribes

Now they're at the tribe's water source -- most aptly described as a puddle -- and the new members of Maraanu are amazed, and not in a good way. Neleh thinks the other members of Rotu "would die" if they saw this poor supply, and Kathy practically hyperventilates from the shock. Gina calmly says, "Water's water when it's boiled, so..." and Kathy insists that of course she knows that and was just exclaiming because of the humor in the situation. Ha! Ha! Ha! Kathy tells us in a confessional that it's different and weird to be away from Rotu because there, they'd all gotten used to how annoying she was, and now she has to start over with these new folks. Actually, she says it's because it's so "kicked back" at Maraanu and that the members of Rotu were "workaholics." I don't really know what she's talking about, though, since there's only Gina and Sarah at Maraanu from Maraamu, and only Sarah is lazy. Now the former members of Rotu talk about their shellfish supply, and Kathy plays down its plenitude because she wants to seem more special because she found it. Gina tells us in a confessional that she knows the others are disappointed to have joined Maraamu because they had such a tight bond at Rotu and were doing so well. She also points out that they now claim the majority of both new tribes and can just pick off all the former Maraamus. She concludes, "I definitely would not mind it if that happened on the other side. They deserve what they get."

Back at Rotwo, Vecepia picks up sticks very slowly, and it seriously looks like the editors may have slowed this down just a little bit, but not enough to reveal that it's actually in slow motion. I've seriously never seen someone walk so slowly. Sean is glistening with sweat from picking up a few twigs, and at least Rob is actually carrying logs. When Sean takes a single twig under each arm, The Moppet looks on in disbelief. I mean, Brooke Shields worked harder than that! Rob tells us in a confessional that life at Rotwo is "two degrees shy of Hell." He says it's a night and day difference between their lives at the other camp, and proclaims it "absolutely terrible." He tells us, "These people are workaholics," and complains that he doesn't get a second to breathe with them always asking him to do something. We see Rob cutting some branches while John looks on -- and it really does look like John is judging Rob's work, but why wouldn't he be judging, since we know Rob's work would be nothing more than half-assed? John then snits because something they've just built is "good," but that they still need to make another because he doesn't like the first. Rob tells us, "Why give in to this bullcrap? That's all it is!"

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