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Cape (Buffalo) Fear

Last week on Survivor, Lindsey did an unflattering dance which is intended to indicate the rift between Playskool and Oldskool (and the TM has come forth and identified herself -- thank you, Highwaygirl). La la la music played at Boran, and they all got happy. Samburu lost the immunity challenge and attended its first Tribal Council, wherein Carl failed a quiz and flunked out of Samburu. Lindsey got some votes, too.

We're now at Samburu on Night 9. As the tribe walks back from Tribal Council, Playskool gloats over its victory. Lindsey tells the tribe, "I'm still here, and I am smiling big." Silas says in a confessional that the final Tribal Council was "literally a crapshoot." As opposed to being figuratively a crapshoot? I don't literally know what a crapshoot is, but I'd be interested to see Samburu engaged in one. Silas explains that whichever side didn't lose a member in that night's vote became the majority faction of the tribe. I feel like he's rubbing it me. I don't even particularly like any members of Oldskool, I just particularly dislike Lindsey. Back at camp, Playskool lays down the law. Silas wants to tell them what "the deal" is, and he insists that Oldskool inform them before going off to get water. Lindsey adds that the people who get up early need to have some patience for "those that need a little extra sleep that may have stayed up a little bit later." I swear, sometimes I can't tell whether I'm watching Survivor or Bug Juice. (I'd love, by the way, to recap Bug Juice.) In a confessional Lindsey tells us she's angry that Oldskool singled her out, and that she wants to "lash out" by calling them "bastards." Back at camp, Lindsey tells the others she's "seriously pumped" to win the "award." She continues, "And trust me, when I'm pumped, you don't wanna fuck with me." She advises them not to underestimate her. Lindsey is brushing her teeth with some kind of little stick during this diatribe. Oldskool looks upset by her ranting. Silas says of Lindsey and the situation, "Of course she handled it the wrong way." He thinks Playskool needed to be kind in order to earn the support of Oldskool, and Lindsey "flew off the deep end." That's one hell of a mixed metaphor. Linda tells us that Lindsey's comments were difficult to hear -- she felt excluded when the four Playskoolers referred to themselves as "a team" and celebrated their personal victory. We see a shot of Playskool huddling as Brandon laments that this is their last time together; tomorrow they incorporate into the larger group. Brandon then tries to reach out as he says to Oldskool, "Tomorrow is a new day," and Frank says, "It can be." Brandon insists, "It's gotta be," but Frank won't be bullied and responds, "It don't gotta be, I mean, it can be." In a confessional Frank tells us that Playskool now runs the show at Samburu, and the next few days will be miserable. He says, "Damn you, Carl, for leaving me with a bunch of misfits to go camping with."

We're now at Boran. Thank God...or Mother Africa. It's Day 10, and Lex and Tom consult a calendar they've drawn on a tree. Lex says, "Day 10," and Tom replies, "Day 10. Let's win." He looks pleased with himself because he's rhymed "10" with "win" and thinks it's the equivalent of having penned Paradise Lost. We see shots of the Boran members rationing out their cornmeal, which looks more appealing than the bad rice they made in Pulau Tiga and the Outback. It looks like cream of wheat or, better yet, mashed potatoes -- my favorite! I might even go on Survivor if they gave us mashed potatoes. I'd bring along I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray as my luxury item. But maybe now you know too much about me. Anyway, Boran is rationing out their cornmeal, and Kimj says it's "the breakfast of champions." For once, they can actually call themselves champions. Clarence tells us Hamburglar-style that he's worried about Tom, because Tom "just doesn't like the way [the cornmeal] goes down." We see a shot of Tom choking down a lump of cornmeal as Clarence explains, "All it is really is just grits, um, like you would serve it with breakfast." Tom tells us that comparing cornmeal to grits is good in theory, but "goin' down the hatch, it reminds you more of something rhymes [sic] with grits."

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