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Cape (Buffalo) Fear

Clarence and Tom head off together as Tom says, "We got to find a little something we can munch on!" They spot a tree with doum palms, which are a bit like small coconuts. Clarence tells us in a confessional that "the big country bear saw the palm trees" and "was silly enough to think he was gonna climb it." Clarence tells us the trees are fifty feet high, as we watch Tom attempt to shimmy up the tree while Clarence is yelling things like, "Hell, no!" and telling him to think about the fact that his "country ass is climbin' a tree in the middle of Africa." Clarence sounds genuinely concerned -- through his laughter -- about Tom, and implores him to come back down before he subjects Clarence to further butt crackage. Actually, this moment is surprisingly butt-crack-free. Clarence also yells something about not having "safety harnesses." This kind of footage is rare, and fun to watch on reality shows: the honest, everyday interactions between people, as opposed to the overdone, camera-time-grubbing antics we're more frequently shown. I think I like Clarence and Tom. Even more interestingly, I think they kind of like each other. But I do feel a good bit like I'm watching a cartoon. After Tom slides back down to the ground, he and Clarence attempt to knock the doum palms out of the trees by throwing stones. They throw and throw and throw, but only manage to knock down two fruits. Tom tells us, "And then after 'at we hammered ourselves to death tryin' to get the daggon' thing open." We see them hacking at the palms with a machete; then Clarence pries at one with his teeth, which seems like a bad move a day after the dentist has shipped out. Not that Clarence would know that yet. Finally, they crack the nearly fruit-free shells. Clarence feeds some of the fruit to Kelly, which seems generous since he and Tom worked so hard and didn't get much return -- only a "thumb-sized" edible portion according to Tom. Kelly complains that it's not as good as coconut, and that it has a "bad aftertaste."

Back at Samburu, Playskool is sleeping. Frank tells us he's taking it "out of fifth gear" as far as feeling accountable and responsible for the well-being of the entire tribe. He says, "Let's see how they run a household." We then see Frank and Linda getting the mail; she tells us, "I was loving it," and adds, "If anything, that'll draw in that you can't just sleep late. Our water is low, and now we don't have time to get to the water hole." Linda talks nonsense to begin with, and then this is poorly edited. We have no idea why she's "loving" getting the mail, until we see her approach Playskool during naptime and take great pleasure in waking their lazy asses up. Her cheeriness annoys me, and I'm wide awake. Linda enjoys telling the Playskoolers that they only have thirty minutes until the challenge. She doesn't appear to care that their lack of preparation will affect her, too. She singsongs that they need to wake up, and Kimp tells us in a confessional that the forthcoming challenge was "huge and shocking." How shocking could it be? They have one practically every day. Linda continues to patronize as she insists that one of the sleepy Playskoolers read the clue. Linda is the most annoying of the forty-eight contestants we've seen so far -- even more annoying than first-season Just Peachy. Lindsey groggily reads the clue, and Linda encourages her with statements like, "You got it!" when she pronounces a word correctly. The clue, written circularly on a faux spider web, talks about climbing and being "quick like a spider." "Quick" is not the word that comes to mind when I think about spiders, but it rhymes with the "as your bellies get wider" part. What's with the rhyming, anyway? Are we still back in fourth grade -- before we learned that rhyme is not tantamount to poetry? Lindsey tells us that Playskool is struggling to get their bearings because they were awakened. And why all this sleepy talk? I'm tired -- will you give me a one in sixteen chance of winning $1 million for being so?

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