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Cape (Buffalo) Fear

Back at Boran camp, it's still Day 10 and Ethan tells us, "Unfortunately, it came down to Kim [going] really slow." He says he feels badly for her, and he wouldn't want to be in her situation. Kimj apologizes to Boran for messing up in the challenge, and says not only does it suck that she messed up and lost the challenge for them, but in general, she doesn't like to be that godawful at something. We see various attempts by the team to console her. Lex says that they all fell over and they all took their time. Clarence tells us in a confessional that she did her very best, but when she said to them, "I sucked," their answer was, "Yes, you sucked." Clarence appears to be the spokesperson for Boran. We've heard more from him than we have from all the other members of Boran put together. What does Kelly's voice even sound like? Clarence continues that sometimes it's not about doing your best, it's about winning. Boran stands around and looks awkward; Tom thinks they should all drink some water. The team discusses their concerns over possibly losing the Immunity Challenge, and Lex tells us in a confessional that the hardest part of the reward challenge was having to face the fact that Kimj isn't up to the physical challenges. Kelly tells us that if her team turns out to be a bunch of losers, it will be awful. It doesn't seem like Kelly groups herself in this "bunch of losers."

Samburu, meanwhile, is in high spirits, and they cheer on their way back to camp. Silas tells us that the morning was awful, but they pulled together as a team, and "all in all it was an unbelievable victory." He tells us that winning the challenge boosted morale and about sixteen other things that are synonyms for "morale." The tribe goes through their booty and discovers they scored something called "Golden Chicken Blend." They're very excited about the olive oil. We then see that they got jelly, too, and Silas expositions that it's "to put on stuff." Right now, it's just to put on their own fingers. They all stand around, jamming their dirty digits in the jelly and licking it off. These goods have been placed in rustic-looking containers to camouflage the fact that they have absolutely nothing at all to do with surviving in the wilds of Africa. Various members of Samburu express their excitement; Lindsey does so by placing a bag of cornmeal on her head. In a confessional, Kimp tell us that it's a great prize, but that she would give it all up for water.

We then see the team working together to determine how they'll get water. Kimp tells us that Frank and Carl "were kind of the water people." She says "water" about four times in one sentence. She goes on to say that it was fine with Playskool when Oldskool was doing all the work, explaining that Playskool was more concerned with "the split in the tribe, and manipulating people, and doing that." She says that they weren't worried at all about the actual survival stuff. How did they pick these people? Silas orders everyone around as the tribe goes together to get water, and Frank mumbles, "Just goin' with the flow." Brandon tells us that they were in a "water crunch." He suspects that Oldskool let the water supply run down to prove a point. If so, at least there was a point to it, as opposed to it just being nasty. Everyone calls Teresa "T." We learn that the tribe's water supply is not only challenged, but so are their pots, which are all blackened and cracked. We're told that one is unusable, and the other is crumbling. Maybe that's because they're putting the damn things directly into the fire. Into the fire. Frank says that the tribe's situation has been deteriorating, and his plan of attack was to "let the comfort level completely lower and it would, I know, break down." We see a shot of a particularly charred, forlorn, and sad-looking pot. That pot is all, "I didn't ask to be on this show. I don't have a chance of winning a million dollars. Why am I being subjected to the lunacy of these people?" Silas tells us that they're "in a heap of trouble," and I'm surprised he didn't say they're "in a heap of a needle in a haystack." Kimp tells us that now all of their pots are shattered, and admits that it's "a horrible situation [they] got [them]selves into." It's good to see one of the Playskoolers being remotely accountable for his actions...or lack thereof. Kimp says she asks herself, "What is wrong with us?" She is worried that they won't get it together because all they do is crack pots, whine, and complain.

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