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Cape (Buffalo) Fear

At the challenge, Peachy tells Clarence to "give it up." The immunity idol, that is. Samburu is not all huggy-huggy at this challenge like they were last week. Clearly, they're hugged out. Peachy tells the tribes that the challenge will "look to our African hosts for a little inspiration." He explains that East African tribes are nomadic; they continually relocate their camps. Maybe to get away from invasive camera crews and their sixteen new obnoxious American neighbors? Each tribe has a small-scale camp with a circular perimeter; in that camp is a hut (or in Playskool's case, a playhouse), an animal pen, a flagpole, and various supplies. The teams will move their camps two hundred yards uphill. Two members of each tribe will serve as "architects." They will stand at the top of the hill and remember the camp's exact appearance to recreate it in the second location. T will sit out, because Samburu has an extra person, and Brandon and Linda will be the tribe's architects. Kelly and Kimj will be Boran's architects. Off they go, and Silas begins by picking up little twigs, while Boran starts moving its hut. Frank yells at his team to "Move it!" and Kelly yells, "Your pace is excellent!" which in my head has a dainty British accent. To Kimp's credit, I'll say she's a hard worker. Lindsey works hard at looking like a hard worker. A topless bicycle ride does not dedication make. Boran appears to be functioning better as a team, and they break ahead in the contest. Silas is carrying his end of the heavy playhouse and can't see where he's going. He yells, "I don't know where I'm goin', so lead me to victory, guys!" I take back everything I ever said about Colby being cheesy: if Colby was brie, this guy's Velveeta. Lindsey drops her end of the playhouse on her hands; Brandon comes to help, but it's too late. Peachy declares that "Boran's house is good"; they get their flag in and they win. Yippee! Three weeks ago, I didn't think I'd be so invested in any of these people, but I am. Clarence and Kelly do a cute little hand-slappy Three Stooges routine.

Back at camp, Samburu is shrouded in mosquito netting. A low-key Linda wishes Frank a happy birthday and bestows his "birthday hug." Linda tells us that Frank was carving the names of his wife and children into his torch so he could "carry them" with him while in Africa. His daughters are named Jocelyn and Sage, which seem like hippie dippy names for such a hard-ass. I think Frank probably has a heart of gold -- he's just too young for me to care yet. Frank tells us that it was important for him to have his wife and daughters with him. The music goes, "Um!" in support of this statement. Linda whispers to Frank that they could have used Carl in the challenge. She tells Frank that he can make it to the merger and he responds, "If I get there, I think I'm gonna go behind enemy lines." Even if I don't like these people, I respect that they seem to honestly like -- or at least respect -- each other.

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