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Cape (Buffalo) Fear

At Boran, Ethan tells us that the challenge "saved Kim's life." Kimj tries not to cry as says she knows the other members of Boran were happy for her that they won the challenge. The tribe goes off climbing on a rock somewhere completely of their own volition with no suggestions whatsoever from any producers or contractual obligations affiliated with Survivor, and mug dramatically for the cameras. Clarence tells us that the tribe "got that feeling back," and now he knows why he's there, and it isn't to steal beans from his tribe members. Ethan tells us they're all happy now, and having fun. It would be sappy, except I like this tribe. It becomes sappy when the camera lingers on a soaring bird.

At Samburu, Linda tells us that it's "obviously D-day." She knows it will be her or T or Frank voted off. The whole tribe sits together, and Brandon announces that he wishes they'd voted for him instead of Lindsey, because he wouldn't have cared. Lindsey announces that it feels much calmer tonight, and she adds that it's because she won't be voted off. These are some cocky Playskoolers. T asks which member of Oldskool will be voted out, and all of the Playskool members act like it's a ridiculous request. She points out that since they're all talking honestly, she'd rather know. Brandon flatly says that they're not going to reveal their choice. Lindsey repeats what he said, and tries to sound nice, but it rings false. Brandon doesn't want to tell Oldskool because he doesn't "want this day to be bad." Silas then points out that only Lindsey has votes against her so far of all the members of Samburu, so it will benefit the Playskool alliance if the Oldskoolers vote against her, because of the tiebreaker rule. If they go into the merge with votes only for Lindsey, Playskool will be invulnerable as long as they keep Lindsey protected. Lindsey tells us in a confessional that it will benefit Playskool in the end if she has all the votes. She acts like she's 100% in on it, but she really just didn't have any choice. Linda wants to know what's in it for Oldskool, and Brandon snaps, "Nothing!" T cringes. Frank tells us in a confessional that Playskool wouldn't reveal their voting intentions because it would disrupt their ultimate plan. Silas wants to know whether Oldskool wants to take the whole ship down with them, and Linda points out that it's not the whole ship. She tells us in a confessional that she doesn't trust Silas, and she doesn't want him to win. She says, "There's something up there. I'm not even sure of his name; there's just something not quite right." She doesn't know his name? That's weird. I bet he's always been nicknamed "Chip," but that he wants to be taken seriously and called "Silas" on Survivor. Lindsey rudely announces, "One of the three of you has to go," which doesn't seem the most diplomatic way of forging allegiances. Teresa says again that she wants to know if she's the one leaving; Brandon tries to say that the fact that she asked, "What's in it for me?" is the reason he's not telling. He acts ethically outraged that she'd ask such a question. Finally, Silas advises them just to "drop this." In a confessional, Silas says, "You might as well write the check and hand it to me, because I'm shootin' for the stars and I'm gonna get there." I couldn't deal with Richard Hatch the first time around.

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