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Cape (Buffalo) Fear

And now we're at Tribal Council, where Just Peachy is in a decidedly un-Peachy mood. He says that "pretty intense dialogue was had" after the last tribal council, and wants to know whether they've since bonded as a tribe. Silas says that the Tribal Council was hard, and that none of them except Lindsey know what it's like to have a vote cast against them. Peachy asks Frank whether he's concerned; Frank says that there are "two tribes within one." Peachy then basically calls them all stupid by saying it surprises him that there's such a divide. He says, "I'm trying to figure out where the logic to this is, because going into the merge, you need numbers." Silas is all cocksure (hee, "cocksure") and smooth as he interrupts, "Is there a sure thing in the whole game, Jeff? Can you tell me one sure thing about this whole entire game?" But he's no match for Peachy, and it's time for the smackdown. Peachy says, "Yes, I can tell you one sure thing," which is that if Samburu goes into the merge down one person, they're in trouble. Lindsey wants Peachy to remember that it would be exactly the same situation had Carl won the tiebreaker, but Peachy doesn't want to hear about it. Lindsey's sporting a big bruise on her face, by the way. Peachy asks whether Frank thinks he can turn it around; Frank says he has a plan and is just waiting for the opportunity. Peachy then asks Bruiser...I mean, "Lindsey" whether she's made any mistakes, and she claims to be a "walking mistake." Frank shakes his head as Lindsey says she "brought negative energy to the group." (Linda would have said "negative chakra.") Lindsey claims she freaked out and lost sight of the fact that Survivor is just a game. She says she felt tremendous anxiety over who was getting the next vote, and that it was harder for her than for the others because she's more sensitive than they are and her feelings are more easily hurt. Lindsey, to me, comes off as the hurter, not the hurtee. And remember, Jerri was "sensitive," too. Peachy starts to ask Brandon whether he's ever doubted his alliance, but he only gets as far as, "Brandon, have you ever taken a walk by yourself?" (which would be a harsh question in itself) and Brandon cuts him off and smirks, "I don't do anything by myself. I'm always with them." He says that inside or outside the game, Playskoolers are his friends. He then gives Peachy his perkiest, most beatific smile. I'd like to have a drink with Brandon.

Now, the voting. We don't see who Lindsey votes for, but she tells the camera, "It's your time to go." We don't actually see who any of the Playskoolers vote for, because that would have revealed who was leaving. Linda votes for Silas and says, "This is for Carl, for Frank, and for T." She then preaches, "It's only a game, play nicely," which makes me think she knew these were her second-to-last words. Kimp smirks as she puts her vote in the urn. We don't see any other votes, and Peachy leaves to tally them. First, we get a weird pot shot. Hee. A pot shot. Frank looks like my friend Adam Finnefrock. Anyway, the first vote is for Silas (he licks his lips); the second vote is for Silas (he raises his eyebrows); the third vote is for "Silas aka Chip." It looks a bit like "Silas the Chump," which would have been so much funnier. None of the next four votes are for Silas: they're all for Linda. Playskool doesn't even try to disguise their gloating; Silas is smiling. Linda hugs Teresa and Frank, and they look genuinely sad -- whether it's because Linda is leaving or because they're one step further away from winning a million dollars, I can't say. Linda once more counsels them (get it? Counsels? Because she's a career counselor?) to "play nicely," but we know they so will not. Peachy ends the Council by snarking that Lindsey and Silas both have lots of votes against them considering they've been in only two Tribal Councils. He's Just Pissy tonight.

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