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Former Federal Stepchild?

Probst loves David's argument, of course, since Stephanie is his last connection to Li'l Russell and he is doing everything possible to talk her tribe into keeping her over Sarita, and asks Ralph what he thinks. "Sound pretty good!" Ralph says. Stephanie smiles smugly. They vote. Sarita votes for Stephanie with a very mom-like speech about how she should have thought about her actions more. Stephanie votes for Sarita, saying if Sarita doesn't leave tonight then Stephanie is sure she'll see her again on Redemption Island, where she will kick her ass. David also votes for Sarita, saying he did the best he could to keep Stephanie around and he hopes it works. He'd better hope, or else I don't see why his tribe shouldn't turn around and vote his untrustworthy ass out next.

Probst returns with the urn. After four votes, we're tied with two for Stephanie and two for Sarita. And then there's a vote for "Stifinie," like, really, Ralph? Really? I hope when the time comes to vote him out, they all spell his name as ridiculously wrong as possible. David sighs in defeat. Stephanie gets a fourth and final vote, and she is sent to Redemption Island, where we'll see if she's as awesome at challenges as she thinks she is.

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